Amanda Reilly Cancer Scam: Who Are Amanda and Cory Reilly? Where To Listen To Her Fake Cancer Podcast? Check Full Facts Here

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Did you hear about Amanda Reilly’s scam? Are you aware of this cancer scam case? Some people from the United States may be aware of the Amanda Reilly Cancer Scam. Many people are still unaware of the whole story behind this scam. So this post will throw light on the Amanda Reilly scam.

Who is Amanda Reilly?

Amanda Reilly is a blogger, a former principal, and a teacher from North California, who is now in prison. As per sources, Amanda Reilly, a blogger from San Jose had duped her followers for faking her cancer for several years. Amanda started blogging in 2012 and she claimed that she has Hodgkin’s lymphoma which is cancer of the lymphatic system. As per sources, She scammed several people and deceived more than $1,00,000 to treat her cancer. Later, it was known that Amanda never had cancer. 

Amanda Reilly Blogger Cancer

Amanda Reilly, the blogger who faked cancer to collect monetary donations from the public was arrested after it was known that she faked cancer to dupe money. Amanda started deceiving people through her blog. She also had a support page “Lymphoma Can Suck It” that was linked to her cancer blog according to online reports.

The scam came to an end after Nancy Moscatiello investigated her cancer and found out that Amanda didn’t have cancer. In October 2021, she was held guilty of the scam and in May 2022 she was sentenced to five years in prison for scamming donors.

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Amanda and Cory Reilly Fake Cancer

Amanda’s story podcast was released by Lionsgate Sound. The show has become one of the top podcasts. Several people are confused about Amanda’s husband. Amanda’s husband is Cory who was not levelled with any charges in this case. Cory is currently in Texas and looking after his two kids. Amanda is also serving jail in Texas.

The online sources do not include any accusations against Amanda’s husband Cory in this case so it is unknown if he was involved in this scam or not. The Scamanda show is one of the top shows with an eight-episode season according to online websites. 

Where to listen to Amanda Reilly Cancer Scam podcast?

Amanda’s scam podcast is known as Scamanda. The show was released by Lionsgate Sound in the Apple podcast. The first chapter of this podcast was released on 15 May 2023. There are a total of eight episodes of this podcast with some bonus episodes. The Scamanda podcast has got 4.7 ratings.

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, Amanda Reilly was arrested in 2022 and is currently serving in prison. Visit this page for more details on Amanda Reilly.

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Amanda Reilly Cancer Scam: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Amanda Reilly?

Ans. Amanda Reilly is a blogger and former principal and teacher from San Jose who was arrested in May 2022.

Q2. What did Amanda Reilly do?

Ans. Amanda Reilly faked her cancer for 7 years and deceived thousands of dollar money from her followers. 

Q3. Where is Amanda Reilly now?

Ans. Amanda was sentenced to jail for 5 years on May 2022 for faking her cancer and deceiving money from people to treat cancer. 

Q4. What is the age of Amanda Reilly?

Ans. Amanda is 38 years old. 

Q5. How much money did Amanda collect through Amanda Reilly Cancer Scam?

Ans. Amanda Reilly collected around $105,513 through her fake cancer scam. 

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