Alternative Koku {Sep} Game Zone Curious Information!

If you are willing to use Alternative Koku, you must have quite decent information about it. You can read today’s news article to get more knowledge about the game.

Do you know who Koku was? Do you know what are his overview? You might be familiar with the Roblox game all Star tower defence, famous in the United States. 

If you find Roblox games interesting and want to know more about Alternative Koku, you must be connected with today’s news article. 

Who is Koku? 

Koku is the game’s character who is the son of Goku and is the four-star ground player AOE. He belongs to the enemy named Dragon Ball GT, which is very popular in today’s time. He is the alternative option as the child of Koku, which is already an existing character in the game. 

Therefore, one can only obtain him just by hero summons or by the beginner daily reward. The main power of this character is to transform itself into a super Saiyan, which gives him the potential to make his attacks even faster and cause more damage to the opponent.

More about Alternative Koku:

As mentioned above, Koku can be summoned, so for upgrading it, we need to use moon transformation orbs which require many credits in the game, or we could buy it with the Roblox diamonds. This character is very rare, upgrades up to level 80, and is a ground-type hero.

 Its damages are 101 and range is 21. Its attacks increase as we upgrade it, which also goes the same for the range of the attack. But when he transforms, its damage becomes very high, and the range also increases. To know more about what is Alternative Koku, stay connected with the following article. 

Super transformation:

While we use the ability of Koku, the damage increases by 75%, and the FPA of the character will get shortened to 3.5 which is similar to Veku. The cooldown of this power is quite low, and the attack gets activated. We could also see the transformation we usually as it changes into super Saiyan. This transformation last 12 seconds, in which only three or four attacks could be performed. 

What do people expect from Koku alternative? 

Alternative Koku is a game of Roblox that is quite in trend in today’s time, and people often play this game as they love the anime series Dragon Ball Z GT. This character is very powerful, so people like to use these characters in their game. This character is also available by purchasing the character of other players.   

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We conclude that this character is very powerful, and it isn’t easy to upgrade it to its max level. Everyone in the game cannot make this level of upgradation, so they often go for purchasing Alternative Koku. To know more, you can visit the Fandom Roblox: all Star tower defence by clicking here.

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