Alpha Game Shop Reviews {March 2022} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Alpha Game Shop Online Website Reviews

The following research on Alpha Game Shop Reviews will highlight all the necessary points about this website.

We have researched many stores which sell gaming items, and today also we have brought another website from the United States that sells gaming products. The store has such a good collection that anybody can get attracted. Alpha game shop is that store which we are talking about.

Alpha Game Shop Reviews is yet another important thing to be focused on. Online websites have a good collection, but they can’t be trusted with closed eyes. So, to know anything about this store, please have a look at this article.

Brief of Alpha Game Shop

Alpha Game Shop is an online shopping store where gamers can buy gaming items. They have really good stuff, and gamers can add more to their collection. People love playing games in their free time, and some people want to buy products at an affordable range.

Items they sell are: 

  • PlayStation5 console disc edition
  • Xbox 360 E 250GB
  • Sony PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation5 Media Remote
  • NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition PS5

Is Alpha Game Shop Legit? Do you know if this website that claims to sell such games items is legit or a scam website? Here, we have another section to know about the legitimacy of Alpha Game Shop so that readers might not get confused about their features and legitimacy.

Further, we are discussing the features of Alpha Game Shop, where you know about every information shared on the website by the owner. 

Features of Alpha Game Shop

  • Purchase gaming products from
  • Email Id:
  • Phone number: +1(817) 381-2867
  • Address info: 64 8th Ave. Milpitas, CA 95035.
  • There are positive Alpha Game Shop Reviews on the gaming items of this website. Also, a common rating of customers found on the website. Excellent reviews found on other reviewing sites.
  • Pay with Debit/credit card, Visa, sofort, etc.
  • It offers a 365 days return policy and two years warranty period.
  • There is no refund policy mentioned on the layout of this site.

Positive highlights

  • Free delivery worldwide on orders above $27.
  • Email, phone number, and address were found.
  • An in-store pickup facility is there.
  • Offers free in-store services.

Negative Highlights

  • No official page was found on this site on social media.
  • All the positive responses give this site an unreal look.

Is Alpha Game Shop Legit?

This is an important question, and people want to know the answer to this question. Your shopping destination should be a legitimate store. It must have all the good policies and domain life. Also, there are many factors on which we can judge the accuracy of this site. Here, in this article, this section holds all the useful details. So.please read carefully.

  • Domain Creation: 21 December 2020 was the date when this website was created.
  • Registrar: NameCheap, Inc is the registrar of this store.
  • Trust Score: 1% is the adverse trust score.
  • Shopper’s response: there were many positive Alpha Game Shop Reviews found on the collection as well as on many reviewing sites.
  • Social media Page: we found no official page of this site on social media.
  • Data safety: the site follows a safe mode of transferring the data through the Https Protocol.

The website has some positive factors to focus on, but still, there is much information that seems to be fake. The lack of such information gives it a suspicious look. Shoppers can hardly rely on the trustworthiness of this site. The website looks real, but actually, it is not. In light of this fact, we suggest you not share your personal data.

Alpha Game Shop Reviews

According to our research, some details like email, location, as well as phone number were found on the website. But, there were no pages on social media found. We found many positive responses on the collection as well as on many rating sites, but these reviews could be unreal. Also, the common rating is also available on their page. The site has gotten less fame than usual. This means few buyers have a shower interest in the collection of this site.

Have you scammed by credit card fraud, you must check this post.

Final Summary

Based on Alpha Game Shop Reviews, we found that this website has a very low trust factor based on which any customer can’t rely upon it. Also, the domain life expectancy is not more than two years which is a negative side of this website. You can view more details regarding Playstation Controller on this page.

What are your ideas and thoughts on Please tell us.

Be aware from PayPal scam as most fraudster used this method for doing fraud.

33 thoughts on “Alpha Game Shop Reviews {March 2022} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

  1. You looked at the phone number and address, but did you actually try to call it? The number doesn’t actually exist.

    1. Totally a scam site. Put in order for a PS5 a few days ago. Got some texts today saying my credit card was denied and that I should use Zelle instead. When I insisted on using a credit card, all communication stopped. Called the listed phone #s – no answer or call back. I also reported this site to the FTC’s Reportfraud., site. I would recommend to take this follow-on action so the scam(s) can formally documented.

      1. Hello Fitz, it is good you reported it. Yes, frequent follow on the action will help the buyers can get justice. All can be able to save their money. Keep updating. Be aware and alert. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  2. my mother tried buying a PS5 and never got a confirmation email, the number they have listed is through Texas but when you try to call it isn’t available. the second number I found when looking up the website lists another number based in Los Angeles, some man named Julio? I saw it in the list of websites but when I click on the link it says the page isn’t available. I’m positive this website is a scam, the red flags that I noticed were that the reviews were all positive and some say they rate them 5 or above yet give them a 4 star. anyway, she had to block the website and future transactions to make sure it doesn’t go through. don’t trust them, they don’t even have a working phone number.

    1. Hi Aponi, it is good to hear you are away from transacting with such scammers. Thanks for your valuable information and bringing into the notice. This will help the buyers to get the review before they deal.

  3. Seems fake do not buy!!! Bought a ps5 from them had me zelle the money and it’s been 3 days haven’t heard from them or got any email confirmation

    1. Hello Truthtella, We have seen same issues are expressed by the buyers. It seems fake. It is advisable not to buy. Such scams are increasing day by day and the buyers are investing and losing the money. Please be aware of such scammers. Take care.

    1. Hello Carlos R, looking for all the views from the buyers it seems they are a scam. It shows many of them got trapped by the scammers. It feels sad to hear about such incidents. Hope you get your money back. Be safe. Take care.

  4. Received text informing me my CC couldn’t be processed and I would have to use Zelle, CashApp, etc. to complete transaction. Smells way too fishy to me! AVOID…AVOID….AVOID….AVOID!!!!

  5. Ordered PS5 on 11/14 with credit card. Received text two hours saying they could not process my credit card and asked for payment by Zelle, Venmo or Apple Pay. I declined. Three days later my credit card charges $799 through a different company who worked with me to refund the money. Had to cancel my credit card. Alpha Games stole my credit card info.

    1. Hello Denise Drinkwater, Such big frauds they are doing. The same issue was dropped by another individual. Same reason and requested to process through other options. This should be stopped somewhere. If you get any information about same, please update here. Take care.

  6. I find it interesting that you didn’t think to mention the fact that the dates on the reviews are from times before both the website and even PS5 were actually made, and some reviews are from the future (12/24/2021)! I don’t even have to buy it to know it’s a scam.

  7. When I come across any website that I am not too sure of, I always check to see if they take PayPal and if not, then I go hunting for more information and it looks like Alpha Games Shop is a scam, so I will not be using it. Thanks everyone for all your stories and help.

    1. Hello AW, we feel good you have a good tracking idea. It is highly advisable, do not to proceed without any assurance about the portals. You saved your money, updating the information here, can save many buyers. Thanks for the details. Keep updating such data. Thanks. Take care.

  8. Happy I read the comments first. I work too hard for my money to give it too a scammer! Thanks everyone for sharing!!

    1. Hello Cece G, Happy to hear you are through all the reviews. It is suggestible, to drop good or bad experiences about the portal here. So, the buyers can get an exact idea about it. Thanks. Stay aware and alert. Take care.

  9. Thanks everyone! Same thing just happened to me! CC was denied and they want me to use either Zelle Cash App or Apple Pay. Texted me on my cell after submitting on their site. Phone didnt work. Urgghhhh!

    1. Hello LL, Did you make payment through the given options? If not, please be aware and don’t make any transactions with them. They are not genuine ones. It is advisable, please check the portal reviews twice and then decide. Please update any information you get. Be cautious and alert. Thanks.

  10. I just looked up the address to this place to see what Google Map comes up it doesn’t even have the place listed it doesn’t come up with anything be worn this is a scam again if it gives an address of the location look it up on Google Maps and see what you see I looked it up I see a picture of a lake that’s it

  11. Yup a scam , just got me too. I cancelled my card Now I’m without a bank card 8 days before Christmas! Awesome. They didn’t get a dime from me yet . Ok now th at we know it’s a scam what next. I’m going in the attack. Whom do I contact? Already contacted google fraud team. Anybody else ?

  12. Yup a scam , just got me too. I cancelled my card Now I’m without a bank card 8 days before Christmas! Awesome. They didn’t get a dime from me yet . Ok now that we know it’s a scam what is next? I’m going on the attack. Whom do I contact? Already contacted google fraud team. Anybody else ?

  13. 100% scam. I ordered a PS5, but immediately was concerned when I did not receive a confirmation email, nor any tracking details. Went onto Chase and immediately locked my account before getting a new card. Hate people sometimes.

  14. doing some research, address is Milpitas, CA, but phone’s area code is in TX.

    I placed an order for a PS5 that was the only one at its price, printed the bill from 11-25-2021, but bank has not been charged when I checked a while ago and again today (12-19-2021). Revisiting the site I saw the same deal, one at a very good price and more at a significantly higher price. LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE A TEST WEBSITE with no actual products IMO.

    Trying to click around on the website didn’t yield anything but some did link over to Error pages on WordPress – clearly not Alpha but some other domain. Very sloppy.

    1. Hello Michael G, It is good the charges are not deducted from the account. It is suggestible to check with other buyers reviews. This will help you to know exactly about the portal. If you feel any doubt, please check it twice and then proceed. Most of them have mentioned that the portal is a scam. So, be careful and cautious. Buyer’s go through the comments and then check for products. Thanks. Take care.

  15. I had a feeling it was a scam, thats why I came here. Selling a brand new PS5 for 550 seemed too good to be true, and it usually is. trust your instincts. if youre googling if a site is a scam, it probably is

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