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Read the article Almug Definition for clues to answer yesterday’s article. Please go through the complete article to know more about the Wordle game.

Another morning with another Wordle answer. Have you tried to find out the five lettered words for Wordle 339? Are you scrolling on the internet to get help for your solution? Then, here you are at the right site to help yourself for cracking the puzzle.

Wordle has a huge fan base in the United States. The game got its fame worldwide, which can be an addiction to the players. In today’s article, we shall try to figure out the answer with the help of clues mentioned which may be near to the Almug Definition.

Wordle 338 answer and clues

The answer to the puzzle is a little bit tricky and brain-twisting. Let us crack the answer from the above clues, and nowhere is your answer for Wordle 339, “ALBUM”. Almug is the word near to the guess instead of the album. The meaning of almug is the word mentioned in the Bible for making musical instruments intime of Solomon. 

Players are trying to knuckle the word with the known words they have. Yet it seems disappointing to them to see a grey colour on the boxes. Let me help you with hints as below. The Almug Definition is mentioned above.

Listed are the clues of Wordle 339;

  • The five lettered word contains “M”.
  • The word has two vowel letters.
  • The word starts with A
  • The word is a noun and is related to music storage or sourcebook.

What can be the word? Perhaps almud or may be almug? The word is searched everywhere by players on online platforms.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a word game that can guess from the game title itself. Wordle is an online game published by New York Times. The game provides enough joy to word lovers trying hard to guess the right word.

Almug Definition is one such word tried by the players to crack yesterday’s puzzle. Josh Wardle develops the game, and every new puzzle will be released at midnight.

How to play the game Wordle?

Let us get to know the rules about Wordle gameplay.

  • You need to fill five letters in the given box to answer the puzzle.
  • The game allows to attempt only six times to guess the right answer.
  • There will be a change in the box’s colour for each guess.
  • The green colour tells right guess, the yellow colour tells right but misplaced, and the grey colour tells wrongly guess as to if many tried for yesterday puzzle.

Spinoff for Almug Definition Wordle game:

There are a lot of games available on an online platform derived based on the Wordle game. Let me present you with another Wordle game, Spelling Bee.

Spelling Bee: The player is given six attempts to guess five lettered words. The puzzle looks hexagonal, as if a beehive. This game is also published by New York Times.


We have provided you with the clues to the Wordle 339 answer. Go on, and crack your answer using the information mentioned in the article. We have given you the rules about the Wordle gameplay. Click here for more updates of this puzzle.

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