[Uncensored] Allvideoyouneed Twitter Lazar Filipovic: Check @Notpinkalien1 Twitter

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Did you know Lazar Filipovic’s videos are publicly accessible on the Worldwide internet? Would you like to know about its availability? Would you like to know why Lazar’s video went viral on the internet? Who Lazar Filipovic is? Let’s check all the facts about Allvideoyouneed Twitter Lazar Filipovic.

About @Notpinkalien1 on Twitter:

Notpinkalien1 is not a twitter account. But, it is the name of a clothing brand and animated alien cartoon circulating online. The @Allvideoyouneed Twitter account was recently suspended for violating community norms. Several sources on the internet reported that Allvideoyouneed uploaded a video with the tag Notpinkalien1.

It is assumed that the video was given the title Notpinkalien1 due to the white and pink appearance of Lazar in the video. The footage was 00:00:35 minutes long and 45.61 MB in size for an HD clip with a low screen ratio. The @Notpinkalien1 Twitter video is currently circulated on the Telegram group @webviraltrends and on a news and knowledge-based website, videosleaks.com.

Availability of Lazar’s Allvideoyouneed Twitter video:

Several accounts on Twitter shared the video, including @biggol_dock24 and @Allvideoyouneed. But both accounts were suspended. Reddit included several accounts which had the tagline Allvideoyouneed Lazar Filipovic video. However, the Reddit community pages only shared links to unauthentic third-party websites. 

On accessing the links on Reddit, it redirected the users to xzc.icu, xzc.one, rovno.xyz, which at the end popped up the option to import desktop background pictures and flash player. In addition to Reddit, more than 20 unauthentic news and knowledge-based websites included the tagline – Allvideoyouneed Twitter Lazar Filipovic but provided general and redundant information about Lazar’s video, which can be applied to any other such videos as well.

Lazar’s video is only available on the Telegram platform. No other social media website featured his video. At the same time, Lazar’s video was only found on one website – videosleaks.com. Both Telegram and videosleaks.com have regional restrictions and may not be available in several countries.

Content of Lazar’s Notpinkalien1 Twitter video:

Disclaimer: The information in this article is derived from several online sources. We do not promote, support, or encourage access to grownup content in any form. The details in this write-up are only meant for information purposes.

Allvideoyouneed Twitter Lazar Filipovic featured Lazar’s grownup video. The upload date of the video was determined to be 16th August 2023. The footage showed Lazar sitting on a gray sofa with a broad picture frame hanging on a white wall. Lazar did not wear any clothes. The video was taken by placing a selfie camera in front of him. The room had bright natural lighting.

The clear lighting made Lazar’s skin tone appear lite pink and fair color. Lazar’s video includes explicit content, and hence, it is not recommended for viewership. Lazar was seen rubbing/grooming his body part throughout the 35-second video. Lazar’s facial expression was funny, featuring an open mouth and tongue.

Why did Allvideoyouneed Twitter Lazar Filipovic went viral?

Lazar is a famous social media digital content creator. His TikTok account, @lazar.filipovic, has 520.5K followers. Each of his TikTok videos received 202.5K to 1.1+ million views. On TikTok, Lazar included videos related to body transformation, welcome to Balkans, and general and casual videos of fun and leisure. His TikTok videos received 54+ million likes.

Lazar’s Instagram account has 87.7K+ followers. On Instagram, Lazar shared photos of facial beauty, beauty product reviews, skincare, lifestyle, and travel. He started his Instagram account in 2015. Lazar is not present on YouTube. YouTube Allvideoyouneed Twitter Lazar Filipovic related videos only include a picture frame from the original video, but speculated the news by including irrelevant thumbnail of women.

Lazar is ranked #47445 famous social media influencer and #6 TikTok star from Serbia. He gained popularity on social media by posting an imitation/parody meme/video of Daniel Radcliffe from a famous clip of the Harry Potter film. Additionally, Lazar was recognized for posting parodies of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Etc. He created several clips with sound effects from the film Blade Runner and the clip Nocturne in E-flat major.

With a huge fan base and attractive personality, Allvideoyouneed Twitter Lazar Filipovic video became viral. His fans, including women, were eager to check the content of the video.

About Lazar Filipovic:

Lazar was born on 13th August 2002. He is 21 years and 6 days old. His birth sign is Leo. Lazar has fair skin, gray eyes, and black hair. He has an impressive lean physique featured in several body transformation videos. 

The origin of Lazar’s video:

Several online sources reported that the explicit clip of Lazar was leaked from his OnlyFans account. However, Lazar’s OnlyFans account does not exist. There is no user profile on OnlyFans with the last name Filipovic or associated with his TikTok or Instagram accounts. @Notpinkalien1 Twitter video was initially featured on @Allvideoyouneed’s Twitter account. 

Reaction and impact of Lazar Filipovic’s explicit video:

More than 365,357 fans of Lazar liked his profile on the internet. The public reaction on Reddit included blogs on privacy rights, as Lazar’s private video was leaked online. Furthermore, Reddit blogs discussed about online restrictions on posting such videos. 

On YouTube, the comments on Lazar’s video were related to subscribing to various users’ social media pages to get access to such videos. Lazar did not post any reaction on his social media pages.

Social media links:

  • Famousbirthdays
  • Allfamous
  • Lazar publicly mentioned his email address on social media accounts as filipoviclazar6@gmail.com


Allvideoyouneed Twitter Lazar Filipovic explicit video is considered a popularity stunt, as his OnlyFans account is untraceable, and no one knows how his private video got leaked on the internet from his device. Lazar is a famous social media influencer from Serbia. He had progressed well by creating decent and informative content related to memes, imitation, and body transformation. 

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