All Star Hub NBA 75 Fortnite {Feb} Know Quest, Rewards!

Here in this article, we will read in detail about the All Star Hub NBA 75 Fortnite latest events and rewards.

Fortnite games are getting famous every day. People worldwide from various countries like the United Kingdom, Netherlands, the United States, and Canada like to collect every piece of information related to the Fortnite games. There is a lot of craze about the games launched in collaboration. Collaborations like NBA and Fortnite are about which the players are very excited.

In this article, we will read about All Star Hub NBA 75 Fortnite and several other important information related to the game so that the players get an overall view of the game. So, to know every minute of information, keep reading the article.

What Is Fortnite?

It is a video game developed by epic games, and it was released four years back in 2017. This game is available in three modes: zombie, tower defence, and saving the world. And this is a very popular battle royale game played by players Worldwide. There are a hundred players in the battle royale game, and it is all about survival. Other than these modes, this game has launched special things like All Star Hub NBA 75 Fortnite, which we will read later in the article. Read more if you are curious.

What Is All Star Hub NBA Fortnite?

It is a new gaming mode of the Fortnite game that Is being played by Fortnite players all around the world. And eventually, the difficulty level of this game is higher than the normal difficulty level, so the players are having trouble completing this mission. But harder the thing more joy get when you complete it. So, it makes it even more fun.

Whats New In All Star Hub NBA 75 Fortnite?

On occasion of 75th Anniversary of NBA and NBA All-star 2022, players can access this mode now and in this quest, users need to complete challenge by sinking baskets and after this, user will get reward as High Hoops Spray. It will available live until 23 Feb 2022 by 10 AM ET. The Hub has various features like lounge areas and photo-booths etc.

NBA All-Star Game will happen on 20th feb at 8 PM ET and who will play in this game will decided by users voting which starts now on NBA lane via ‘VOTE TO EMOTE’ screen.

Some Players are facing issue while registering for hoops on All Star Hub NBA 75 Fortnite. Below is the fix for this:

Instead of moving  into the creative map area, players need to go into an Island Code present  in the Creative menu to get an alternate version to access NBA 75 All-Star hub.

How to Progress In the Quest?

  • Enter code – 2165 – 0294 – 6080?v=3 to go into the hub
  • There are various baskets to put balls into.They all have red mark initially
  • Once ball enters into it right way, mark will turn green.
  • Then user progresses into the quest for more challenge
  • Quest line will display there to complete it for getting hoops reward.


Here in this article, we have done a brief study on the All Star Hub NBA 75 Fortnite, and we have also read about the famous battle royale Fortnite game. This game is getting famous and has created a huge fan base, and the new mode of this game is live until 23 Feb by 10 AM ET.Read here if you want to know how to complete the challenges of All-star NBA game 

Have you ever played Fortnite? If yes, then do write about your experience.

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