Alfousseny Reviews {April} Check, Is This Legit Or Scam?

Alfousseny Online Website Reviews

If you are looking for a place to buy furniture, check our Alfousseny Reviews post, which will guide you correctly.

Do you think that furniture is an important asset of our everyday life? You can use furniture to sleep, sit, read, etc. Earlier, people used to go to a furniture shop to purchase them. But nowadays, many online sites have emerged that offer furniture. So, today we have brought you a site named Alfousseny that sells furniture. 

People in the United States have taken a keen interest in it. So, our job here is to find out if it is a conventional site or a fake one. And we will be discussing it via our Alfousseny Reviews article.

Introduction of Alfousseny

Alfousseny is a website founded in the year 2022. This is a website where you will find only furniture. You will see indoor and outdoor furniture, but mostly they offer outdoor furniture. They have rocking chairs, porch swings, hammocks, outdoor benches, swing chairs, outdoor courtyard swing, etc. 

This company thrives on applying modern design craftsmanship to its products. Also, some of their products are on sale, and the price seems too cheap, almost unrealistic. It is essential to check the site’s specifications to know Is Alfousseny Legit.

Specifications of Alfousseny 

  • Portal Link- visit the site via
  • Portal Creation Date- The website was known to be formed on 2022/03/31.
  • Products Offered- Outdoor furniture and rocking chairs.
  • Shipping Timing-  Products are delivered within 7-15 days.
  • Return Policy- They have offered a 14-day return policy for the products.
  • Refund Policy- Refund will be applied to the account within 3-5 days.
  • Contact Number- No contact number found.
  • Contact Address- No company address given.
  • Email Address- connect via
  • Newsletter- newsletter on the website for giving future updates.
  • Exchange Policy- know via Alfousseny Reviews exchange option not provided.

We all should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of an online store. So, let’s get acquainted with this website’s advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Alfousseny

  • The HTTPS protocol protects the website; hence it is a safe website.
  • Collection of furniture looks impressive.

Disadvantages of Alfousseny

  • The website seems to have different Url and Portal names.
  • The website lacks popularity and traffic.
  • The website has a meagre trust score and trust rank.
  • The website doesn’t have complete or genuine contact details.
  • The website does not have any social media presence.
  • There are no customer reviews available.

Is Alfousseny Legit? Or Scam

It’s time to judge through the legitimacy factors whether this website is eligible to be called a legit website or not. So, we will discuss some points, so keep on reading.

  • Website Formation Date- The website is very new and was created on 2022/03/31 and cannot be trusted easily.
  • Website Expiration Date- The website will be expired on 2023/03/31 only 1 year left.
  • Discounts- Discounts are given on some products.
  • Content Quality- The about us content is 76% copy and pasted for another place.
  • Policies- Policies are written clearly and are understandable.
  • Address Authenticity- Know via Alfousseny Reviews physical address is not provided.
  • Social Media Accounts- No account has been made until now.
  • Customer Thoughts- No genuine customer reviews found on any site.
  • Trust Score- Trust is just 2% which is enough to call it a suspicious site.
  • Trust Rank- Trust ranking is only 1.8%

Customer Feedback

Reviews are the primary factor for judging a website. But here, we have failed to gather the customer reviews. There are no customers reviews available on Trustpilot or any other genuine site. Also, there is not a single Alfousseny Reviews done on this website. This seems that it lacks popularity. Want to know how to get a refund through PayPal? check here.

The Bottom Line

Here, we will review what is discussed earlier. So, this website sells furniture, but it is a new website and does not have a social media presence, and customers are not familiar with it. 

Also, there are no customer reviews, it seems no one has bought anything till now. So, we can say for now that the website is a suspicious site. If you want to want to know the process of getting a refund via credit card, check here. 

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2 thoughts on “Alfousseny Reviews {April} Check, Is This Legit Or Scam?

  1. This is a scam, never got what I purchased. Did pay through PayPal and did get a refund. I’m so happy I payed through PayPal.

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