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In this post, we will discuss Alexis Busch Obituary, the cause, the truth behind her death and much more. Stay tuned further!

Have you heard the Alexis Busch death news, trending on the broadcast channels, newspaper, and social media platforms? The United States people are eager to know the real cause of her death, Obituary and recent updates. Currently, her death and death cause is being predicted by the crowd, but nobody knows the truth. Though investigations are going on about her death, people are concerned about Alexis Busch Obituary. So, let us discuss the truth behind her death.  

Obituary of Alexis Busch 

Since the death of Alexis Busch is widely browsed by people online, they want to know the details of her Obituary. The San Francisco Giants are hosting a public memorial at AT&T Park for last weekend’s boating accident victims. Alexis Busch is one of the five-member members who died in that accident. The accident happened last weekend when a group of five people on a sailboat crashed into rocks at the Farallon Islands. These accidents lead to the death of five people. 

Where is Alexis Busch Obituary?

Alexis Busch is among the five people whose bodies were recovered from the sailboat accident at the Farallon Islands. Alexis is 26 years old and was the daughter of former president Corey Busch. Thus, San Francisco is hosting the Obituary at AT&T Park in memory of her and the other four members who died in that accident. Alexis Busch was a bat girl from 1999 to 2002 for the Giants. 

Her father told Busch she had been passionate about two things since childhood: baseball and the Beatles. Adding to this, her father said she had gone on uncountable trips to Candlestick Park and one to Liverpool. 

Alexis Busch Obituary Details

Alexis Busch’s family said there is a public celebration on Monday, April 30, at 1 p.m. Her family also announced that the members could enter the ceremony in the ballpark via Willie Mays Gate. The family mentioned that there would be refreshments and a storytelling event. However, the storytelling was on Alexis’s life with the title “Her Life Well Lived.” 

Alexis Busch Family’s Reaction

Alexis’s brother said he would keep her sister’s memories and hold her in his heart. Further, he said his family shared his condolences with the families and friends who died with his sister. To know more about Alexis Busch Obituarykeep reading the post altogether.

Alexis’s brother also said that he would like to thank Larry Baer and the whole team of the Giants organization for their immense support in this challenging time. However, he considered the Giants as her other family. 


Alexis Busch and four other members died in an accident around Farallon Island while on a sailboat. The sailboat crashed into the rock and led to this tragic accident. Further, the Giants organization organized the Obituary in AT&T Park on Monday, April 30 at 1 p.m. To know more about Alexis Busch click here.  

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