Ajax School shooting {March 2022} Know The Facts Here!

Latest News Ajax School shooting

The article will inform you about the recent school shooting incident and describe the Ajax School shooting case of 1980.  

What do you know about the school shooting Incident? The shocking news has circulated all over the news media since Monday.

The student killing case has shocked many people in the United States and Canada. The two neighbouring countries had past experience on the same issue. 

The recent Monday incident also revisited the incident that took place in 1980. That time a high school student was victimized like a similar shooting case in school. 

The old incident is defined as Ajax School Shooting

Let’s check the History of the incident.

As per our research, it was 1980 when the incident took place. The name of the victim was Adrian Precia. The shooting incident took place in the school in Washington DC. 

According to our sources, the school student’s name was Adrian Precia, who was famous for the name Ajax. 

Our sources find Michael Joseph was accused of the shooting. As per the police source Joseph used 25 caliber pistols. The incident horrified many other school students and parents. 

Later, another school student, Tanya Brown, described the horrifying incident and recorded the statement to the city police. 

The Ajax School Shooting and the recent incident 

As per our research, we find that fourteen years old students are connected with the killing charges. Our sources also find out the name of the victim student.

The name of the victim was Jahiem Robinson. Jahiem was a student of twelve grades. In a formal statement, police told, Robinson was found dead after the gunshot from the back door.

Our sources also find that the accused student tried to shoot another student, but luckily the gun didn’t fire.

Police also checked all the video footage of the incident, and the footage is clear evidence of the gunshot.

Ajax School Shooting and the Reasons

Many criminal psychologists and experts are trying to understand why these kinds of incidents occur. 

Our sources also try to find out the real reason why the incident took place. In these shooting cases, maximum students are under 20 years of age. Most interestingly, students’ availing or buying a gun are another factor for these kinds of shooting. 

For this reason, just last year, the Toronto city authority implemented the Community’s Safety Plan. The prime concerns of the safety plan were to stop these kinds of gun violence. The Monday incident has again recalled the Ajax School Shooting.

The administration is thinking of more safety measures to stop these kinds of incidents in the city.  

Note – All the details mentioned here are entirely based on the internet and media’s research.

The Final Call 

Our sources find that after the Monday homicide incident, the city police check all possible information. Also, the police visited the area where the incident took place.

But the recent massacre also indicates the old school killing incidents that shocked the people. Meanwhile, people are also searching for the 1980’s Ajax School shooting incident. And this is the reason the news is trending all over the news media. 

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