Airlines Cancelled Flights Canada {Dec} Know The Reason

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Many airline companies have canceled or delayed their flights in the past few days due to covid 19 and its new variant Omicron. Many countries have been hit by the new variant, including Canada, and the United States. Recently the Airlines Cancelled Flights Canada, but the reason behind this is maybe unclear to many people. More than 6000 flights are cancelled globally.

Cancellation of flights

This Christmas holiday season was unfavorable for many people due to flight cancellation. Hundreds of flights have been canceled between 22 December 2021-26th December 2021. Many Canadian airlines have canceled their flights, but the reason is not only Omicron or covid 19. This was done for the betterment of people considering the variant and weather conditions. 

Many people were unhappy with this as their plans for this Christmas were crumbled. Many people are unclear about the reason behind Airlines Cancelled Flights Canada. Let’s go further to know more about it.

Why were flights canceled?

As we know, that omicron surge has feared many countries again after the delta variant. Many countries have lost thousands of people during the pandemic. But the omicron wave is not as severe as Delta. The question here is why the flight was canceled on Christmas weekend? The cancellation is due to bad weather conditions in many parts of the country. The extreme cold weather in Alberta, Saskatchewan and western Canada led to the cancellation of flights.

Airlines Cancelled Flights Canada

Many Canadian airlines have called off their flights on Christmas weekend, and we discussed the reason behind the cancellation. But few flights have many other reasons which are stated below

Air Canada: Air Canada has called off its 171 flights due to bad weather conditions in many regions of Canada, which includes Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan.

Flair Airlines: Flair Airlines have abandoned nine percent of its flights between 22 December 2021-26 December 2021 due to staff’s sick calls. 

Westjet Airlines Ltd.: Westjet Airlines have abandoned seven percent of its flights during the period. Air traffic control, maintenance, and a shortage of staff were a few reasons behind the cancellation, but the main reason was extremely cold weather.

Shortening of staff, air traffic control were a few minor reasons for Airlines Cancelled Flights Canada. The Christmas staff had the covid test and were found positive, so the airlines started canceling their flights. But the main reason, as we stated, was the poor weather condition. This was all about cancellation of flights.


Many flights have been abandoned between 24 December – 26 December 2021. It was not a bad decision as the safety of people is more important, but many people are upset because of cancellation. A few flights were also canceled on 27 December 2021 Monday. Flights to the US have also been canceled and delayed. You can refer to this link for reading the complete news.

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