Agoti Roblox (August 2021) Know The Recent Changes!

Agoti Roblox (August 2021) Know The Recent Changes! >> Read the news and discover the drama and comments behind the Mod’s removal from the well-known online game.

Is Agoti Mod available on Roblox? Are you exploring Agoti Mod on Funky Friday? Then, you can read this guide below and know if Agoti Mod still exists on Roblox’s Funky Friday.

A recent update in the Roblox has made many players Worldwide disappointed to know its details. The update was released on the Funky Friday of the Roblox game. 

But, do you know why the Roblox players were disappointed about Agoti Roblox? So, let’s read more about the Agoti and find the facts.

What is the Funky Friday in Roblox game?

Funky Friday is another well-recognized Roblox game. Roblox players need to battle against their opponents in the rhythm dance-off. It is done to score points and hit the notes timely.

Various songs in the Roblox games are from the Friday Night Funkin’s original soundtrack. This famous online game recently got a new update, including new emotes, songs, and much more.

It is a well-known flash game that serves as a motivation to the rhythm game of the Roblox. You must continue reading a disappointing fact about the Agoti Mod.

What is Agoti Roblox?

Agoti is Funky Friday’s Mod, including a complete host of new tracks and a new character, which Roblox players need to use to complete the mission.

Agoti generally stands for an individual on the internet whose name is used as a character in the Roblox game’s Mod.

Which news disappointed the Roblox players?

The official Discord server of the Roblox game recently released a statement about the removal of Agoti Mod. Yes, you heard it right. Agoti Mid is removed from the Funky Friday game.

The officials stated that the recent drama around the key author, Agoti Roblox, is behind the Mod’s removal.

Recently, a drama and several comments recently surrounding the Mod’s creator made the officials remove the Mod from the Funky Friday game.

Which are the active and latest codes in Funky Friday? 

The active codes with the points on Funky Friday are the following:

  • 250 points- 100kactive, 250M
  • 300 points- smashthatlikebutton 
  • 500 points: Halfbillion
  • 500 points- 100M
  • 500 points- 100M
  • Boombox animation- 1MILFAVS
  • RickRoll animation- 19DOLLAR

However, all codes of Funky Friday are active, and there are no expired ones. These codes usually give the players extra points that they may spend on animations. The removal of Agoti Roblox has made several Roblox players disappointed and sad. Besides, please read here to know more about Do the Robux Generators Really Work or not.

Final Verdict:

Agoti, the Mod in the Funky Friday, is recently removed from this Roblox game. Its removal is the controversy of the comments and drama associated with Agoti’s creator. Agoti is now not supported by the developers.  

Besides, the developers stated not to discuss the topic anymore, and users may discover about Agoti through online platforms. You may also find here additional facts about the removal of Agoti Mod.

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