Afterpay Verification Code Received {July} Hidden Truth!

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Did you know that AfterPay is a good alternative for a credit card as it is accepted online and in-store? Did you know that AfterPay has a multinational presence? In other countries, it is referred to as ClearPay. AfterPay is a Buy Now and Pay Later app (BNPL) initially launched in Australia.

Currently, it has approximately 19.6 million global users. Hence, scammers target their users by Afterpay Verification Code Received.

About Afterpay Verification Code:

Afterpay provides a secure mode of payment which would be incomplete without users verifying the charges they had made. AfterPay is available as a mobile application for Android and iOS and available online on the Windows platform. 

Due to the increased usage of smartphones on the go, it is convenient for AfterPay to send an SMS code. Additionally, the AfterPay app can automatically read the verification code received without the need to type the code manually.

With the use of mobile technology and SMS, AfterPay facilitates instant payments. But, recently, people questioned about Why Did Afterpay Send Me a Verification Code without requests. Further, the mobile numbers not registered on AfterPay also received the verification code. Hence, it suggests a SCAM.

User experience:

Generally, in such verification code scams, the scammers call the number which received the code and pretends to be from customer service to obtain the code. But, more than 200 posts on blogging sites suggested that the user did not receive a call requesting to provide the verification code. 

Therefore, it is unclear why the codes are received and who is sending them. Several users ignored the SMS. 

Reporting Afterpay Verification Code Received:

Several users contacted AfterPay customer support regarding verification code received. The customer support team responded to many users that their accounts are not registered with AfterPay. 

As a precaution, it was advised to the people to contact their telephone service provider to prevent their number from being used and secondly to contact local authorities to start investigations.

It is impossible to access the bank account of any AfterPay user with the help of the AfterPay verification code. It is because the verification code is used to authorize a purchase transaction. Hence, Afterpay Verification Code Received is not related to accessing AfterPay user’s bank accounts.

Preventing Phishing:

If you suspect your account is hacked, verify if you recollect shopping at an e-store or a local store by verifying the delivery address you receive via SMS. Secondly, avoid using public Wi-Fi. Thirdly, update a secure password on your AfterPay account. 


If you receive an AfterPay verification code without any AfterPay account, you must report it to your telephone service provider. It is because the data breach is not from AfterPay. Thousands of unregistered numbers had noticed Afterpay Verification Code Received. If you are a registered AfterPay user, you need to report it to local authorities and AfterPay customer support, as scammers love to misuse BNPL apps.

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