AFL Anzac 2022 {April} Curious? Go Ahead And Read!

The guide shares details about the AFL Anzac 2022 to update the fans and followers of the annual event. 

Do you know who are preparing for the upcoming Anzac Day 2022 after two long years of a pandemic? Yes, don’t miss the biggest event of the year scheduled for Monday.

People across Australia are gearing up for the upcoming football event scheduled for the 25th of April. It is the crucial national occasion that marks the anniversary of 1st military action fought by New Zealand and Australian forces during the 1st World War. Today, the day is celebrated as an event of national commemoration. Continue reading for more details on AFL Anzac 2022.

What is the AFL Anzac Event?

Australian Football League or AFL organizes a special day event of national commemoration. Anzac Day is the national occasion, and it is organized by AFL and scheduled for 25th April 2022 at MCG Stadium. 

The day is unique because it marks the anniversary of the Australian forces’ 1st essential military operation in the 1st World War. The event is celebrated on weekends, and some states in Australia also observe it as a public holiday. 

AFL is organizing a football game to celebrate the event, and all football lovers are invited to stream the live game at the stadium.   

About AFL Anzac Football Game 2022!

AFL Anzac Game 2022 is the football event to be held at MCG. The football game is between the biggest rivals in the AFL history, Collingwood Vs. Essendon. They are coming again for the massive clash during the Anzac Event. 

The football match will start at 3 PM. Before the start of the match, the AFL Anzac Day 2022 service will start with a music event from women and servicemen, followed by a flag flying event, and finally, the national anthem. 

After the AFL Anzac Football Game 2022, the best ground medal awards are offered to the players who exhibit the best performance during the game of courage, skill, teamwork, self-sacrifice and fir play. 

Available Services in AFL Football Anzac 2022 Package!

The official website is the right place to purchase the event ticket, and it gives you access to priority seating allocations. The hospitality services are hosted by Essendon, Collingwood and neutral at MCG.

All attendants can choose 4-star and 5-star hotels or apartments for accommodation during AFL Anzac 2022 event. The event package also includes transportation, sightseeing and more. Event Attendants can purchase tickets to explore the country and enjoy a day tour or spend multiple days with a tour guide to explore the essential sights. 

The tour operator also offers a customized package. Custom itineraries are created suitable for private groups, individuals and corporate. 


AFL Anzac is scheduled for 25th April 2022, and the event starts with different services and ends with a football match between the two biggest rivals. The event is celebrated to commemorate the soldiers and the forces that participated in the 1st World War. 

It is a national event celebrated annually on the weekend. So, don’t miss the AFL Anzac 2022 event. Buy your ticket beforehand to avoid the last-minute rush. What do you have to add about the Anzac Event? Please share it in the comment section.

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