Afk Arena Temple Of Time (Feb 2022) New Feature Added!

The guide shares details about the new feature Afk Arena Temple of Time, added in the game.

AFK Arena is the popular, ideal RPG game with huge fan followers across Germany, Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The platform allows players to create their custom team and upgrade it using the unique AFK progression system.

During the patch update of the game, many new items and features were added to the game. This includes new heroes, adjustments, changes, and the temple of time. It is the new feature included in the Nobel Tavern, and it is used to summon Awakened Heroes in the game. 

Players are finding more details on Afk Arena Temple of Time.

What is AFK Arena?

AFK Arena is the idle classic turn-based RPG online game with different modes and varieties to fight and battle. The game comes with unlimited perks and upgrades, and the battles won’t stop even when you go offline.

Players need to level up even when they are an AFK and get the rewards when they log on next time. It redirects you directly to the adventure where you last left. It is an exciting game that attracts people of all ages. 

Briefing Afk Arena Temple of Time

Temple of Time is the new feature added to the Noble Tavern in the AFK Arena. The feature attracts many players to the game, letting them get many exciting rewards. 

Players playing AFK Arena know how interesting the game is, and now with new updates, things are getting even more enticing. With Time Emblems, players can summon Awakened Heroes in the Temple of Time. Apart from the heroes, players also get exciting rewards.

Afk Arena Temple of Time is not accessible yet as it will be available for players after 4th January 2022. 

Where Can you Find Temple of Time?

As per the comments from players, Temple of Time is accessible at the Noble Tavern, next to the Stargazer button. Players have also confirmed that the feature will not be open and accessible for players until 4th January 2022. 

After it is accessible for players, it can be used to summon the Awakened Heroes and get other exciting game rewards. However, players need to wait until 4th Jan to access the Afk Arena Temple of Time.

What do Players have to Say?

After evaluating the Temple of Time online, we found a few comments on the discussion forum

Many players are already aware of where the feature is accessible and how to get it. Players even confirmed that it is not available until 4th Jan 2022. Some people even said it would be available in the Noble Tavern next to the Stargazer button.


 AFK Arena is the famous idle RPG with a huge fan base worldwide. People who play the game know about the new patch note where new updates and features were added. Afk Arena Temple of Time is one of them, which will be accessible from 4th January 2022 at Nobel Tavern. 

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