Afk Arena Summer Gifts (Aug) What Rewards To Expect?

Afk Arena Summer Gifts (Aug) What Rewards To Expect? >> The guide shares details about the action card game and the summer event, which is in full swing in summer.

AFK Arena is the famous action card game with interesting gameplay involving players creating their team and level up by completing the AFK awards from the automated farming system. The game has huge fan followers, and the majority of players are from the United States.

As the summer months have arrived in the Kingdom of Esperia, players are rewarded with many exciting gifts in the summer event. There are many rewards and introductions achievable upon successful clearance of levels. Besides, there are Afk Arena Summer Gifts which further boost the gameplay.      

The event is in full swing attracting many players. 

What is Afk Arena?

Afk Arena is the new RPG action card game with unique gameplay and styles. Players create a team and apply strategies to attack the Kingdom of Esperia. The game has over a hundred heroes in different factions, and players need to make their formations and fight their way. 

Hypograns, Celestials, and Dimensionals are the rare characters in the game. Players need to level up their heroes and apply new strategies to complete the AFK awards from its farming system. Besides the interesting gameplay, there are also summer gifts that players in the United States have started collecting. 

About Afk Arena Summer Gifts

As the summer month starts in the Kingdom of Esperia, the developer begins an event called the Summer Gift Event. The event offers unique gifts and rewards to the loyal players of the platform. For example, players can claim the “Take Your Pick” chest during the summer event to replicate the hypogean and celestial heroes except for Titus. 

Summer Event is the bountiful event for the players with many bursting awards and login rewards. In addition, players get the chance to draw their prizes when they log in every day and get free hero at the end of the Afk Arena Summer Gifts event.   

What is the Deadline for the Sumer Event?

The summer gift event starts on 4th of August 2021 and will last till 30th August 2021. So, players would get ample time to collect their rewards and access the rarest heroes in the game. 

Players who log in between 4th August and 30th August 2021 can claim the game’s rewards and hero choice chest. 

How Does the Summer Gift Event Works?

According to the official guide of Afk Arena, the event gives a chance to collect the “Take Your Pick” chest to get an opportunity to draw rewards with daily login and get free hero at the end of the Afk Arena Summer Gifts event.

Players returning to the game need to provide an invitation code received from an active player. Upon successful login, both the players would get 15 additional chances to draw the rewards. Players get rewards that are drawn randomly from the reward pool daily. After players complete drawing 16 rewards, they can obtain them all, unlocking the reward chest.   

What Do People Have to Say?

We have found many comments and reviews of players online. There is also a video review of the event when multiple comments. People are happy with the event and enjoying the rewards available during the summer gift event. 


As the Afk Arena Summer Gifts event started, players started collecting the rewards to draw their chance to get free heroes in the game. Afk Arena is the famous virtual game with unique gameplay and regular rewards for the players.

Which heroes do you like the most in Afk Arena? Please share your comments below in the comment box. 

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