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The aim of Affid Wordle was to give brief information about Wordle #398. Scroll down to read here.

 Why are people interested about Affid?  Is it related to today’s wordle? To find out answers to these questions read further. People all over Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia are eager to be familiar with what Affid means. Well, Affid is a hint to Wordle #398. It will act as a clue for all the players. If you want to know more about Affid Wordle read the complete article without any distractions.

What is Affid? 

Affid is a word which will act as a hint for today’s Wordle, #398. Wordle has attracted millions of players in no time. There are various words given as hints. Whereas, it can also confuse the players. Words starting with a and ending with “d” such as aphid, acrid, avoid, apaid, apted, etc can also be used as clues to estimate the right answer, they also create confusion among the players. However the correct response to this Wordle will be mentioned below. To know about Affid Definition read below. 

Wordle- a brief

Wordle was developed by Josh Wardle. This game was created by him for his personal use. Later Josh gifted Wordle to this partner and eventually this game got famous. Soon, New York Time Company bought Wordle from him and since Wordle was available for everyone across the globe. Today thousands of people enjoy playing Wordle. No matter how difficult the Wordle is the players love to solve the puzzle every day. Wordle has turned out to be very beneficial in improving one’s knowledge and vocabulary.

Is Affid a Word

As discussed above Affid is an intimation to Wordle #398. Wordle gained a lot of fame in no time. There are various words which can be used as hints for today’s wordle, all five letter words that begin with “a” and end with “e”. What is Affid? There is no such word as Affid. Whereas this word means nothing. If you were waiting for the answer to Wordle #398. Your wait is over, the right answer for today’s wordle is TRYST. Did you manage to guess the right answer? It was not an easy guess. 

How to play Wordle? 

Wordle is an easy game. Affid Wordle helped the players to guess the right answer for today. How to play this game? The rules are pretty simple. You will be given six attempts to guess the right word. When you place the right word in the right place it turns green, when you place the right word in the wrong place it will turn yellow, lastly, if you place the wrong word it will turn grey. It is a very modest game. 


Wordle has become very famous in no time. To know about today’s Wordle read Affid Wordle carefully. It is available in many languages such as Spanish, Italian etc so that people can play Wordle across the globe. To know about today’s wordle, click on this link 

What are your thoughts about Wordle? Do you play Wordle? Mention your opinion below. 

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