Aerovia Guayaquil Video Completo Telegram: What is There in Video de la Aerovia Guayaquil? Check Details Here!

The article highlights all the details about the Aerovia Guayaquil Video Completo Telegram video and explains the incident in the cable car.

Have you watched the latest Aerovia Guayaquil Video that has caught people’s attention worldwide? After coming across the video, people were shocked to find a couple getting intimate in the air. They were allotted for their explicit activity, but despite that, they continued to carry out in front of thousands of audience.

The video has been shared on various online platforms, and we will discuss the Aerovia Guayaquil Video Completo Telegram in this post. Stay tuned to know the details.


Disclaimer-We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information. The news is only for information purposes and is taken from online sources.

Updates on Aerovia Guayaquil Video

For people who do not know what happened in the cable car, a couple was found doing the explicit activity and getting intimate thousands of feet in the air, the incident has scandalized the audience, and the netizens are furious over the activity. The cable car has been made to cover the transportation system between Duran and Guayaquil.

The transportation system allows more than 40000 passengers to travel and cover the distance between the places daily.

Video de la Aerovia Guayaquil Complete Link

The viral video has already gathered huge numbers of viewers on various social media platforms, and in the video, we can hear the security police officers warning the couple to stop the act, but they continued their activity and did not stop. At the end of the video, we can see the couple dressing up and making eye contact with the camera, but both did not appear concerned over their activity.

Netizens’ reaction to the video

People who came across the Video de la Aerovia Guayaquil were shocked to find the incident in the cable car, and many of them could not believe that the couple would perform such exposing activities in the air. Other fellow passengers were around them in the other cable car, and the couple did not seem concerned about the passengers and the children who would be commuting in the cable car.

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The couple found in the cable car is unknown, and we do not know what happened to the couple after the incident. People interested in finding the details of the video can search on various online platforms.

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Aerovia Guayaquil Video Completo Telegram-FAQs

Q1. Who were the couple present in the cable car?

The details of the couple are unknown.

Q2. What happened in the cable car?

A Couple was found performing explicit acts.

Q3. What are the names of the people present in the act?


Q4. Who leaked the video online?

We are unsure about the person who leaked the video.

Q5. What are people’s reactions after coming across the video?

People are furious after finding them performing such explicit acts.

Q6. Were there other people present around them?


Q7. What is the name of the cable car company?


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