Adopt Me Lavender Roblox {FEB 2022} Need Digital Pet!

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Details about Adopt Me-

To begin with, the details, let’s explore the basic working of this game to know what it deals with and the plot information of the same.

Adopt is a Roblox-based game that was developed and launched by Uplift games. Roblox has gained enough players’ attention for this unique platform that aims to care for, acquire, and raise multiple digital pets that a player owns in his game.

All the pets on this platform are stated with their values, rarity, and groups, classifying them from each other.

Adopt Me Lavender Roblox:

As we have already discussed, the game is all about owning and raising multiple different and digital pets. Lavender is also a pet in this game classified under the rare category and costs around 350 Robux. It was released on 8th February 2022 and is gaining users’ attention worldwide.

What does Lavender look like?

As the name itself reflects, this refers to a lavender-colored dragon reskin that has his inner body with lavender shade, and the outer body is designed with a touch of purple. The eyes of this pet are marked droopy and dark, with purple teeth protruding from his mouth.

Adopt Me Lavender Roblox, though, has a different night appearance with the reflections of dark purple and light lavender shade all over his body. Therefore, the neon appearance on his body parts is an exciting element for this pet. That glows in the rainbow color combinations.

How to own a Lavender in Adopt Me?

DJ game pass is the only source to get Lavender. This game pass is owned by all the Adopt Me players who need to spend atleast 350 Robux to get the same. The benefits for this pass include radio access, customized music, DJ lists and a jukebox. But the pass’s availability, for now, is unfortunately not fetched.   

Adopt Me Lavender Roblox is easily accessible to all the players who own a DJ pass. Players must be informed that Lavender is a tradeable pet.

By treading, it means that you can trade the same even before you own a DJ pass, allowing you to exchange it for any other pet or legendary digital animal of the game.

Final Verdict:

As we can fetch from all the available details, Lavender Dragon is a rare yet legendary pet for Adopt Me platform. Players appreciate its Neon and other color themes, looking forward to owning their Adopt Me Lavender Roblox.

Check out the details for Adopt Me to get better details for this platform.

If you already own a lavender, do share your views with us in the section below. Also, get the details for Robux Generators to explore Roblox.  

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