Adding New Features To Your Business: How It Can Help

The features present in your website can either be its USP or the breaking point for your store. Let’s face it, with almost every website aiming to deliver enhanced customer experience; yours must stand out of the crowd to deliver exceptional results. 

But how often do you add new features to streamline your business? 

Adding new features to your website is like a new opportunity to sell to your customers. It allows visitors to experience something unique every time they shop with you, ultimately adding to your revenue and customer retention. 

In this blog, we look at some unique features and understand how they can help your business. So continue reading as we look at some must-have features for your website. 

Some Unique Features That Could Add To Your Business

  • Focus On High-Quality Presentation

How you present your products or services has much to add to your business. Product presentations allow your eCommerce stores to grow and advance. Adding features like detailed information and high-quality photographs about your products significantly increases your chances of sales. 

Just think about it as you are searching. Would you buy anything that seemed to be bad?

You may be promoting the best-quality item in your business.  However, people are reluctant to buy from you if your product photographs appear bad. Therefore, it would be wise to invest in providing excellent pictures of your products on your page. 

  • Re-Define Your Search Experience

Adding to your search experience is another crucial factor you could incorporate into your business. Having a simple eCommerce website with a search box is no longer effective. Customers today require a responsive search tool that provides useful suggestions. 

A good, responsive search tool helps customers find the products they want. Your customer accessing what they came for also increases your chances of selling a product. 

For instance, consider Amazon. Their search option is one of the most engaging factors of their website. The search console is simple and easy to use. Moreover, the platform keeps giving precise search results when you spend ample time with it. This process simplifies the buyer’s purchase experience. 

  • Insightful Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are an essential part of your business, making it another unique category where you could introduce new features. As an online business owner, you must spend some time creating descriptions that precisely describe your product. 

Since customers don’t know what they’re buying, it will help if your description has detailed information about the goods you’re selling. This information could include the product’s dimensions, properties, and other characteristics. 

Many business owners are in the habit of pasting what their vendors offer them. However, this is where you could make a difference. Since search engines like Google penalize plagiarized content, it’s wise to focus on developing descriptions from scratch. 

  • Multiple Payment Options

The number of payment options present on your website has a great impact on your sales. The more payment flexibility you provide your buyers, the more likely they’ll buy from you. 

Therefore, if your business is constrained with primary options like net banking, eWallets, or cards, it’s time to add new features to the blend. Try incorporating new payment options like PayPal or Cryptos as legal tender.

What’s more? You won’t need to spend a fortune developing a payment gateway when settling crypto payments. With easy-to-install plugins like CoinGate, you can easily start receiving cryptos as legal tender at no extra fees. 

  • Streamline Your Shipping Options

The term “free” inspires excitement in the minds of the audience of every type. According to customer experience research, roughly 80% of customers choose “free shipping.” 

Interestingly, they also do the needful to meet the eligibility criteria for free shipping. To qualify for “free shipping,” people add more goods to shopping carts. This way, they’re ready to increase their expenditure to get products shipped for free. 

Studies also suggest that the customer’s unanticipated final amount after including the shipping is a significant turnoff, and they tend to abandon their carts. Therefore, ensure that you deliver a perfect checkout at display and highlight the reduced shipping costs in the procedure.


This brings us to the end of our blog on how new features could add to your business. Looking at the different factors that add to your operations, it’s evident that the number of features you add to your website plays a significant role in its success. 

However, it doesn’t mean that business owners must add almost every plugin or feature they come across online. You must be wise with your selections, as your choice of features could also impact your website’s loading speed. Remember, much like features, SEO is a crucial part that contributes to the success of your online operations and reveune. All the best!  

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