Acsthper Reviews (March) Is This Legit Or A Fake Site?

This article holds fair Acsthper Reviews about the site that claims to offer garden decorations.

Are you eager to learn about the validity of the Acsthper store? If yes, then read here in this blog post.

These days, people focus not only on the interiors of their house but also on the items that can enhance the exterior look of their house and garden. Many online sites provide unique garden decoration items, but they charge high prices. 

No worries, today we will introduce you to the recently launched online site in these Acsthper Reviews as the store is getting a few inquiries from the United States shoppers.

What is Acsthper?

According to the statements mentioned under Acsthper store’s “About us page,” it is an ecommerce platform that deals in multiple products such as clothing, home, outdoor decorations, etc. The website’s primary motive is to provide practical and innovative products at competitive prices. Furthermore, the website claims to have widespread existence on popular social media platforms. 

Besides, on the website, customers will find several products like metal kinetic sculpture, metal arts, windmill lights, wind spinners, KN95 face masks, etc. Each product is available at unrealistic prices as the website has an exclusive sale. For instance, in the sale, the wind spinner worth $119.95 is available at $49.98, and the garden art MRP $67.95 is available at $33.95 only.

However, the site’s outlook seems derivative and people should consider reading Is Acsthper Legit section of this blog post.

What is the T&C of  Acsthper?

  • Official website link-
  • Payment methods- PayPal 
  • Customer care
  • Newsletters- Provided 
  • Physical address- The second floor of No. 4 Zhongxing Road, Xinyi City (Unit 12, District 2, Dongzhen Town)
  • Telephone number- 235880
  • Products – Garden products 
  • Exchange and return fee- Within 45 working days 
  • Refund period- Within 14 working days 
  • Social media links-  Provided 
  • Estimated shipping charges- Free shipping over $59
  • Domain creation date-12/01/2022
  • Delivery period- Takes up 2-4 weeks

Customers are requested to check the pros and cons of ordering from the website in these Acsthper Reviews.

Why should people buy from this portal?

  • The website is HTTPS secured; thus, shoppers are not required to worry about their data.
  • The products are available at the exclusive sale.
  • Customers can easily connect to the website with their email, contact number, and company address.
  • The shipping is free.

What are the shortcomings of buying from Acsthper?

  • No social media pages links were found worthy.
  • The customer reviews are missing from the website.
  • The website carries derivative information from users on its about us page.
  • The entire outlook of the site is plagiarized.

Is Acsthper Legit?

Many people are eager to find out whether the website is legit since it has gained many red flags. Moreover, we cannot make our decision based on the exterior of the website as we are also required to verify the technical fields that include all the following pointers, so read below for more information. 

  • Domain creation date- The website’s domain name was created at the beginning of 2022, which is on 12/01/2022, which is too new. 
  • Social media connections- Under the product description, we have found some social media icons, but no icons hold valid links. 
  • Customer reviews – No customer feedback are discovered from the official site, but we have found negative Acsthper Reviews from the internet. 
  • Copied content – The content quality is highly disappointing since the site holds plagiarized information. 
  • Address authenticity- The available company address is unauthentic. 
  • Alexa rank- The website has gained 817473 Alexa rank. 
  • Trust index score- The site’s trust score is 1%.
  • Domain expiration date- The domain name will expire after 12/01/2023.
  • Trust rank- The website has gained a dubious trust rank of 1.9/100.

What are the customers’ Acsthper Reviews?

No shoppers have indeed posted any ratings and reviews on the official portal. Still, in the research, we found that many negative feedbacks are available on the external links where most of the shoppers said the website is an actual scam since it claims that all the products are made in the United States, which is not true.

If you have experienced any fraud via PayPal, then read here.

The Concluding Thoughts 

According to the available feedback and information, it is found that this garden decoration selling website is a potential scam; thus, people should avoid placing their orders on this portal.

Consequently, shoppers should cross-check the information mentioned in these Acsthper Reviews. Kindly find here the ways to get compensation for a credit card scam.

Do you want to share your views about this site? Then write your views below.

22 thoughts on “Acsthper Reviews (March) Is This Legit Or A Fake Site?”

  1. I ordered a garden art from acsthper and received it today, from ordering to receiving was 21 days. It is absolutely beautiful. I love it, and it came with a free gift of 10 cute little garden butterflies. The tracking is non-existent but they answer e-mails fast, albeit in broken English. It was smartly packaged and Came from China. I’m sure I will do business with them again if the need arises.

    • Acsthper review
      I don’t do orders from China unfortunately I didn’t check this company out like usual. . Their sight posts USA made, and list USA location’s. When I found out it ships from China I asked for a refund 2 days after I ordered item. (Ships from Shenzhen China to USA). I was told it already shipped so they couldn’t do a refund. They say it’s shipped hasn’t moved since 3/15/22. Originally ordered 3/13/22. Today is 3/21/22. I will leave additional comments after product gets to destination.

    • I sure wish I had known about your site before I bought. My “made in America” arrived from China. The first day in strong winds it worked fine. In less than a week, it was tarnished and sized. I sent an email to the website asking what I could do and after a week have received no response. To add insult to injury, I find I can buy the same thing thru eBay for $22! Caveat emptor!

  2. I am so sad because I thought I was buying a large decoration for my garden. What I got was about 8 inches tall and turned rusty after one rainfall. Very disappointed. I won’t make any purchases from them again. Bait and switch….totally.

  3. Hi, I’ve order something twice from them accidentally and emailed them to cancel 1 of the orders, which they did straight aw and got my refund back . So that was good. I will get my item in a couples of weeks and will leave more feedback then.

  4. I received my orders today. They are total junk. The straight dandelion stem is curled up in a complete circle. The fairy cannot be screwed into the dandelion as there is not enough room to turn the figure around. I would never have spent this kind of money if I had seen these in a store. Nothing like the pictures. This why I don’t buy online and I learned my lesson.

  5. Ordered the Magic Metal Kinetic Sculptures. The base stakes are slightly thicker than a wire clothes hanger. It broke off when I tried to put it in the ground. Their response to my request for refund was”Get it fixed and we’ll refund 10%.” The scultures were not made in the US as advertised and came in a box the size of a Pizza box. Total waste of money. I’ll be contacting my cc company if I’m not refunded my money.

  6. Avoid this site – It’s not legit!!!!

    I prefer not to purchase items made in China.

    Magic Metal Kinetic Sculpture is NOT made in the USA, it’s made in China.
    “Our headquarters is in the United States, but because the production capacity in the United States is not enough, some of our products are also produced in China, but the materials are all from the United States, and the quality of products made in China is also high quality , please don’t worry.”

    Asked for Headquarters address and contact – Response…
    “Actually we don’t have policy to make phone call with the customer.
    So you can Email us.We are always here for your better service.”

    Our head office is in the United States, distributors and warehouses all over the world.

    Have not received the items, and have started a dispute with my cc company, so they won’t get paid.
    Have also changed my cc number so they can’t use it.

  7. I received a defective windmill and the company wanted me to pay for shipping to China, and started out saying I should glue it! It could not be glued and now they won’t give me a full refund. I wish I would have seen this website before I purchased this poorly made windmill.

    • Hello LM, it’s horrible. They showcase like every product is designed well. It makes buyers get attracted and purchase it. But, buyers be aware and alert. You can reach for a refund option. They will help you in a better way. Thanks for the update. Take care.

  8. I guess I’m lucky to find this site as I was about to order the spinner. After filling the order form, last step was payment and there was no way to make the payment; no PayPal, no credit card box. Just a gray box stating “unavailable payment method” .?? They sent me an email to “hurry before their gone” with a code for 15% off. I replied nice discount but how do I pay? The email would not go through. But received 5 more emails giving me 15% off again, 10% & 8% off. So at least they won’t get my money! Very odd for a scam site not to take your money, unless my security is really good.

  9. I placed an order with acsthper on May 3rd for a $59+ garden ornament. Still looking for it. Tracking info has disappeared. Can’t reach them. Am emailing them again. They’ve long since taken my money! Will report now to my credit card company. Hopefully they’ll block any more payments to this company — or whatever it is.


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