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Acothley Reviews (Oct 2021) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Acothley Online Website Reviews

The post talks about Acothley Reviews and elaborates on the other parameters to check the legitimacy.

Are you fond of exploring different varieties of clothing? With winter on the way, various websites are coming up in the United States providing affordable clothing for men and women. However, it is necessary to check all the aspects appropriately to ensure you are not duped on your money.

One such website is Acothley which claims to offer a wide array of clothing for men and women, including casual sweaters and winter clothing at reasonable prices. Thus, we bring you a detailed insight into the website and present Acothley Reviews to assist you in making purchases.

So, do not forget to read the article till the end to know more.

What is Acothley?

Acothley is a website that claims to offer a wide range of winter clothing for women and men in the United States. These include shrugs, jackets, T-Shirts, accessories and much more. Besides, we found a wide array of wreaths in different designs to explore the website further to decorate the house, adding a touch of autumn. All the products are priced at affordable rates.

Hence, we bring you in-depth, researched, and detailed information to know whether Is Acothley Legit is a scam. Thus, read the sections listed below in detail.

It is to be noted that the website is also called Latulas. Hence, below we have enlisted the specifications and a detailed review.

Specifications of Acothley Website

  • Website link – 
  • Products offered – The website offers clothing for men and women, accessories, jewelry and wreath
  • The website doesn’t have a valid contact number listed
  • The email Id provided is [email protected]
  • Users can sign-up for newsletters and get a 10% discount
  • The orders are processed within 3 to 5 business days, considering the Acothley Reviews
  • The website has a 14-days return policy
  • There is free shipping for orders made over $49
  • Contact Address – 2 Square Saint Marsal, 66100 Perpignan France
  • The website doesn’t have any social media presence as inactive links are mentioned on the website
  • There is PayPal as the mode of payment available.

Continue to read the below section to know more details about the website.

Positive Features of the Acothley Website

  • It has a valid HTTPS connection
  • A flat discount of 10% is offered on signing up for the newsletter
  • Provides a wide range of products
  • They provide detailed shipping and return policy
  • It has a simple interface

After reading the positive features, let us now read the negative features of the website in these Acothley Reviews.

Negative Pointers of the Acothley Website

  • The website doesn’t have a presence on any social media website as inactive links are mentioned.
  • Reviews are not available anywhere on the website nor the internet
  • The contact address appears to be fake
  • There is no contact number to connect with the website
  • The company name differs from the brand name, which is confusing.

 After discussing the positive and negative features in detail, let us see other parameters in-depth to know its legitimacy.

Is Acothley Legit or a Scam?

With plenty of websites providing similar services, checking all the parameters to make the purchase easy is necessary. Thus, read the below-listed points:

  • Trust Score and Rank – The website has a low trust score of 2% and a trust rank of 39.1/100.
  • Domain Age – The domain was created only on 20 August 2021 and will expire on 20 August 2022.
  • The information quality is very low
  • There is no presence of the website on social media platforms
  • Customer Review – No customer reviews are present anywhere on the internet nor on the products to check the legitimacy.
  • Unrealistic prices are mentioned on the website.

Acothley Reviews – What Do Customers Have To Say?

There are no relevant reviews present anywhere on the website for customers to check its authenticity about the products sold. Thus, it is difficult for customers to get a good idea about the products and the experience of other users who tried the services offered by the website.

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Final Conclusion

Based on the points gathered above, we can conclude that the website is questionable. Moreover, there are no Acothley Reviews nor an appropriate return address nor contact number to connect with the website, which does conclude that it is not an authentic site.

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Have you ever made any purchases from the website such as winter clothing? Please share your experience and opinions in the comments box below on the websites and products sold at discounted rates.

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