Accident Yamachiche (Oct 2021) All About The Incident!

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Due to the Accident Yamachiche, a woman is fighting between life and death. Read to know the complete information.

We all were shocked when we heard this tragic news. A woman got in a tragic accident at route 138 in Yamachiche, Quebec, Canada

The woman was fighting for her life on Thursday, 7 October 2021. The accident was purely spontaneous, and no speed or alcohol was involved. 

People do not know what exactly happened, but we did find some information. So, if you want to know about Accident Yamachiche, you are in the right place.

About Yamachiche

If you are wondering what Yamachiche is, it is a municipality in Maurice, in Quebec in Canada

With a total population of 2,787 people, Yamachiche holds historic importance. French is the first language of almost 99.1% of the people, whereas 0.5% of the population has both English and French as their first language.

The name of the province has gone under many spelling changes, which mainly affected the name of the Yamachiche river. 

What is Accident Yamachiche?

The accident occurred on 7 October 2021 at around 11:45 in the night. A man in a trailer pulled by a pickup truck was busy removing road signs that someone put up for the asphalt work. 

The victims were in a Honda car, and they came behind the trailer without realizing that it was there. The trailer and the car hit and impact were rather tragic and dangerous. 

The accident hit the passenger side more, and things got pretty bad. However, Accident Yamachiche is still under investigation. 

What was the Impact of the Accident?

Sergeant Audrey-Anne Bilodeau had confirmed that they fear for the woman’s life who sat at the back seat. She also added that the woman was either not wearing or incorrectly wore the seatbelt.

The front passenger was injured badly, but he is now out of danger, whereas the driver was not injured. And the man in the trailer was only cut in the knee.

Reason Behind The Accident 

The reason behind the Accident Yamachiche is uncertain. As there was no speed or alcohol involved, a full investigation of the mechanics of the two vehicles is currently going on. 

Sergeant Bilodeau informed that the CNESST is contacted to determine whether the trailer’s lights and reflectors were working properly.

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The Final Verdict

Last Thursday night happened to be a near-death experience for some. Accident Yamachiche involved a Honda car and a trailer where two people were injured, and one is currently between life and death. 

The accident did not involve any alcohol or speed, and thus, the concerned authority will take up a full mechanical check of the vehicles. 

We hope that the woman who is currently fighting in the hospital for her life lives and recovers as soon as possible.

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