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People who are curious to know the details of the Accident Saguenay, Keep reading this article that has all the details for your queries.

Have you heard about the recent accident in Saguenay? How many people got injured in this accident? Are there any criminal links associated with the same? Readers, who are scrolling for the details of this accident, you’ve landed on the correct page. 

This article will help you with all the details of the accident; in Saguenay, Canada. Reports have confirmed that three vehicles crashed and two people are wounded in the Accident SaguenayExplore this article till the end to find all the details. 

About the Saguenay Accident:

If you scroll down the internet for the details of the incident, you will find various links directing to the incident where two people were severely injured or died. These links have mentioned it to be a violent collision, and this happened back on Wednesday morning at around 7.30 AM. 

If you dig into the details of the vehicles, the three involved are vans and trucks. The reports in the police department mention that the tanker was passing in the reverse direction and lost control.

Accident Saguenay Hier:

As discussed earlier in the previous section, the truck lost control and hit the van. The two vehicles collided violently with each other. The reports for the same had also confirmed that the first vehicle was on hold patiently for the green light to take the left turn when this accident occurred.

Further, this intersection occurred at Saint Jean Baptiste boulevard and had rung an alert to the police department. The van that got hit was dragging along a trailer. The victims of the accident are a 30-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man. 

Accident Saguenay– Details for the Victims:

Now that we have found the reports for the accident and the vehicles involved, we have also mentioned in our introduction that this accident led to two serious injuries, and the people involved are possibly dead. Our research found that the incident involved a 32-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman. 

A woman was driving the car and the vehicle collided with the truck. This van also had two other passengers. All these four people worked in a landscaping company. Of that two were dead, and two were still in the hospital. 

Accident Mortel Saguenay– Criminal Link:

If you go by the details for the report, you will find out that police have also mentioned criminal links for the same. They have investigated it from the criminal side and found that it has no elements from the wrong point of view. But still, the department hasn’t closed its doors for the same yet. 

Final Verdict:

Now that we have addressed all the pointers for the accident according to the mentioned links and confirmed reports, we can conclude that this happened at around 7.30 AM on Wednesday morning. Three vehicles were involved, two people dead, and two are injured in Accident Saguenay. Find the links for the Accident Video to know more. 

Did this article help solve your queries? If it is not, then please share your comments below. 

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