Absurdle Wordle Game (March) Explore More About The Game

The post talks about Absurdle Wordle Game and elaborates further on the gameplay and other related aspects.

The word puzzle game has been only a few months old, and several variations are already out. The puzzle game that presents a new puzzle every 24 hours has been welcomed warmly by players across the globe, including Ireland, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

However, the other variation or spinoff of the game, namely Absurdle, presents a unique take on the game. Besides, the Absurdle Wordle Game is called the evil twin of Wordle that presents an entire list of possibilities until you crack the right word.

An Overview of Wordle and Its Spin-Offs

Wordle was the first online puzzle game that Josh Wardle developed for his girlfriend. It is a puzzle game wherein the player has to guess the correct five letter word. However, they are also provided hints wherein, if the letter is correctly placed, the box will turn green; if it is placed incorrectly but is part of the word, it will turn yellow.

Lastly, on inputting the wrong letter, the box will turn grey. However, with the success of Wordle, there are many spin-offs created. In the coming section, we will be elaborating on Absurdle Wordle Game and presenting a detailed insight on how to play the game.

What is Absurdle Game?

Absurdle is anointed to be the evil twin of the Wordle game. However, before we proceed towards what makes Absurdle different from Wordle, let’s peek into their similarities:

  • Both the games have similar gameplay, which is no different
  • The wordle game of Absurdle is developed by qntm, who is a coder.
  • Besides, both the games follow the same basic rules
  • The player has to guess the five-letter word, and the clues are hinted with the coloured boxes

But as the name goes, the game comes with a twist. So, read below.

Absurdle Wordle Game – How to Play the Game?

In the below section, we will be explaining the gameplay of the online brainstormer. The primary difference between Wordle and Absurdle is that while the correct answer and guesses are the same for everyone, there are multiple choices presented in Absurdle.

That means the word changes with each guess. So, the boxes will turn green for right guess, yellow for right letter, wrong box and grey to indicate it is wrong.

Thus, the correct word is not decided as soon as you start playing. Moreover, with Absurdle Wordle Game, players are given unlimited chances to guess the correct answer from the 2315 word possibilities.

Final Conclusion

While the players get six attempts to guess the correct answer, as per sources, the shortest win has been with four guesses. Thus, the game’s reception can be both having fun playing it or completely not liking it, considering the innumerable options presented.

We hope the article provides sufficient information about the game and how it is played. 

Do you want to express more about Absurdle Wordle Game? Have you played the Absurdle game? Then, let us know your feedback and views in the comments section below.

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