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A serious crash involving a lorry and a car happened on A127. Find out more about the A127 Accident Today.

Have you heard about the recent four-mile-long traffic that took over the roads of A127? Do you know the cause of this traffic? 

Recently, on Tuesday, an accident in Horndon, United Kingdom, caused a great inconvenience to the people. There was a traffic line as long as four miles! Here is what happened in A127 Accident Today

About the tragic accident

A roadblock was confirmed on the twelfth of April, around 8.45 am. The roadblock was caused by a lorry and a car. On Tuesday a car and a lorry got into an accident on the A127 road. This caused heavy four-mile-long traffic congestion from A128 Tilbury Road(Halfway House roundabout, Essex) to B148 West Mayne (Dunton Junction, Dunton Wayletts). The M25 J29 has congestion. The motorists passing from the side confirmed that the traffic was slowing on the other side too. Drivers had to face lengthy delays due to this block. The bypassers were astonished by the long line of traffic.

A127 Crash TodayDid the traffic caused by the accident return back to normal?

The answer is yes, the traffic returned to normal. The Southend Arterial Road Eastbound, which has been blocked by the authorities since 8.45 am on Tuesday, has been reopened. The lorry and car accident case has been cleared. The road is now open, and the traffic is eased. Apart from the inconvenience of the driver and lengthy delays, no other things were disturbed due to the accident. Also, no one was harmed during the incident. Such a collision could have caused more significant damage, but fortunately, it did not.

Investigation of the accident: what caused the A127 Accident Today

The accident was a two-vehicle collision. Moreover, the cause of this lorry and car crash is yet to be discovered. However, after investigating the accident scene, the police confirmed that there was no life lost in the incident and no one was injured. The traffic and block on the A127 road have been solved and cleared. The A127 road transportation has returned to normal. We can just hope that there was no significant damage and loss to the vehicles and vehicle owners involved in the crash. With the increasing transport and communication, such terrific incidents and their consequences are bound to happen. However, as citizens, we should exercise maximum precaution and follow all the traffic norms to avoid accidents like A127 Accident Today.


A lorry and a car got into an accident on Tuesday. The incident caused a considerable traffic line on the A127 way towards Basildon just before the Laindon junction. The four miles-long traffic jam blocked off the A127 Southend Arterial Road Eastbound. However, the consequences of the incident are unknown as of yet. There is no additional information available about the aftermath of the lorry and car accident.

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