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A Universal Time New Universe Trello (Aug) All Details!

Gaming Tips A Universal Time New Universe Trello

Do you know something special about A Universal Time New Universe Trello? Then, go through this article for detailed updates.

Are you eagerly awaiting to recognize the latest updates of your favorite game? Then we are here to help you out through this article. Nowadays, online players, especially within the United States, want regular updates to the game to enjoy a real-time experience. So, the developers upgrade their games to sustain themselves in the market. 

Thus, we have included the modernized news of a popular game ‘A Universal Time’, which is very popular worldwide for our visitors. This game has gained huge popularity in recent days due to its concurrent experience. Let us initiate our discussion on A Universal Time New Universe Trello to find facts about the game. 

A Few Words on Trello

It is a list-making Kanban-style application created by Fog Creek Software in the year 2011. In the year 2017, the creators sold it to Atlassian, and at present, it is located in New York City. 

What is ‘A Universal Time’ game?

It is an adventure-based game popularly known as a Universal Roblox JoJo game; A Universal Time was published online in 2018. However, facts related to A Universal Time New Universe Trello have revealed that its creation date was the 3rd of June 2020. 

It is based on a popular anime character, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” developed by Hirohiko Araki. The game is about defeating other players for items and rewards, which will help sustain them till the end. 

Moreover, the game is developed by Universe Time Studio. The game generally revolves around popular anime characters, including Undertale, X!Tale, Touhou, Dragon Ball, Glitchtale, and many more. In addition, many other fan bases are included in the game, modified into JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. 

Latest Updates on A Universal Time New Universe Trello

The game has initiated a huge update to attract more players and gain publicity in online games. As a result, it was publicly released on the 30th of August, 2021, with several updates in the framework. 


  • Killer queen- becomes obtainable with the latest anime sets. 
  • Sol and Nocturnus- gets reworked and remodeled. 
  • Delta- provided with a new sanity system and time-altering moves. 
  • Goku- has got many power levels and abilities. 
  • Amon- the update is not available as yet in A Universal Time New Universe Trello.
  • Star Platinum and The World- has a similar update as a killer queen with an obtainable stand. 
  • Satoru gojo- similar to Goku spec with diverse combat moves.
  • Omnitrix- evolved from Ben 10, also similar to Goku spec with different moveset. 

Gamers’ Reactions

Most players have stated that this update causes them to lose various characters, while few are excited about the update. Therefore, it has got mixed reviews. 

Final verdict

The latest update on A Universal Time New Universe Trello has introduced Trello, created by Fog Creek Software. Also, detailed information, including the latest updates regarding the A Universal Time game, has been explained thoroughly. 

The post has included reactions of different gamers about the update within the game. Visit here for more information and updates.

What do you think of the updates? Kindly comment below in the box provided below. 

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