A Universal Time Broly (Sep 2021) Get Detailed Insight!

This article gives information regarding the strongest character in the Roblox game and tells you the process of unlocking A Universal Time Broly in the game.

Do you want to know how you can get the Broly character in A universal Time Roblox? Are you looking for the details regarding Broly, which showcases its power and abilities in the game? Roblox recently released many games in countries like Brazil, the United States and many more. 

This article will talk about one of the latest Roblox games called A Universal Time, and its famous character called A Universal Time Broly

What is AUT?

AUT or A Universal Time is an online video game under the Roblox platform and was created by Universal Time Studio. However, the game was originally launched in 2018, but the data is June 03, 2020. 

A universal time is an adventure game that is based on the adventures of JoJo’s Bizarre. In this game, you can collect the items or farm them accordingly to earn some points. These points will help you buy characters and unlock the abilities of the existing players. 

Who is A Universal Time Broly?

A universal time is a game with many characters which is inspired by many Anime and other games. For example, one of the famous characters of AUT is Broly. Broly is also known as LSSJ Broly and is also known as one of the powerful characters in the DragonBall Universe. 

Broly is known for his tremendous strength and agility but also for brewing hatred in his heart. So, if you achieve this form of Broly in AUT, you will be unstoppable in the game. 

What are the powers and abilities of Broly?

If you are looking forward to obtaining A Universal Time Broly, you first need to look out for the abilities and strengths it has. 

  • The Damage of this character is intense than any of the characters in AUT. 
  • One of the dangerous attacks of Broly is Omega Storm which deals in 32.5 damage. 
  • Some of the attack moves of Broly is Eraser Blow, Gigantic Crash, Planet Crusher, Gigantic Breath, Pulverizer and legendary Super Saiyan. 

How to Obtain Broly in A Universal Time?

To get the character Broly, the first thing you need to do is complete the 7 dragon balls. These dragon balls are distributed among the maps and respawn after every 30 minutes. A Universal Time Broly will be available when you give all the dragon balls to Goku, and there’s a high chance you will find the item in King Crimson Stand. 

The King Crimson stand helps you see the items around the map to locate the dragon balls easily. After talking to Goku, you need to complete the quests he gave and then choose the Primal option Power when interacting with Dragon Shenron.  You can check this link for the information on the quest

Wrapping it up 

After collecting all the information, we can conclude that A Universal Time Broly is the strongest one in the game and with all the mentioned points, you will be able to collect it. 

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