A Floppa Time Cube Raise {April} Know How to Obtain It!

The Player’s favorite Raise a Floppa game has some queries. So, we are presenting a post, A Floppa Time Cube Raise, informing everything here.

Do you play Roblox games? Have you heard of the Raise a Floppa game? Which part of the game do you like the most? Fortunately, the game is available to play again. Players Worldwide got relaxed after they resumed the game.

But do you have an idea what happens if you have Time Cube? If not, we discuss A Floppa Time Cube Raise and see how you can continue and get a time cube.

A brief note on the resume of the game:

Raise a Floppa game has become a player’s favorite in no time with 71k members. Unfortunately, players were upset last week because their favorite game, Raise a Floppa, got deleted. One of the Twitter users highlighted the news about this game. However, the good news is that the game is back again with updates, and players can take advantage of this and go ahead in their stories.

How to get Raise a Floppa Mysterious Orb?

Mysterious Orb helps you in letting in the other dimension, that is, the floppa-dimension. Therefore, it is an upgrade in the game, and if you have it, it conjures an orb in the center of the house.

But purchasing a Mysterious Orb will cost you a Time Cube. As a result, you will get the “home” ending. So, do you also question what Time Cube is and how do you get it? We have covered your doubts in the following section.

What is Time Cube?

Now you know you need a Time Cube for Mysterious Orb. But you also need Time Cube to access Time Machine. A Floppa Time Cube Raise in the game is a type of cube that help in getting in-game items.

How to obtain Time Cube?

Here are the following ways to get Time Cube:


While you can obtain Time Cube using Backrooms, you survive. Thus, to successfully obtain Time Cube in Backroom, you must flee from here without dying.

OG Floppa:

The alternate way for Time cube is OG Floppa. You can rise to OG Floppa if you have 100 percent faith in the Altar. You must beat OG Floppa’sObby to obtain A Floppa Time Cube Raise in the game. First, you need to initiate a new discussion with OF Floppa, and then he will connect you straight to your house.

Brief on Roblox’s Raise the Floppa:

Raise the Floppa is an online game created by Floppa#1 on Roblox. The game was released on 26 March 2022 and had huge followers from the initial days of its release. Also, the game has 6.1 million-plus visits, and 153,602 players marked it as their favorite.


The raise a Floppa game immensely became popular within a month. The game got deleted, but fortunately, the game is back, and we have guided you here about A Floppa Time Cube Raise. Moreover, you can also play the Raise a Floppa game by visiting here. Also, read the information on Roblox Generators here.

Do you also own OG Floppa? Share your thoughts and experience about this game.

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