A Dream In Flight Ffxiv {June} What’s In The New Version

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Here is the full guide on quests containing A Dream in Flight Ffxiv and new additions that came into effect with new updates to the Final Fantasy XIV game.

Are you ready to play Final Fantasy XIV online? Have you played this game before? Here we will cover the most popular game in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

With the new updates in the game, players can now avail many new quests. Moreover, Hildibrand, omega lovers especially are excited about the Ffxiv update. So, let us discuss what is there in A Dream in Flight Ffxiv.

When are the new updates available?

The latest patch in the Final Fantasy game is already live from yesterday, and players are excited to receive updates. The patch is live from the 7th of June 2022 with a new story, Arkasodara tribal quests, gifts, and additional rewards.

Square Enix has released the update for patch 6.15, and it introduces various questline that players are enjoying. So, whether you want Omega quest “A dream in Flight,” for example, or you are looking for Hildibrand quest “don’t do Dewprism,” everything you will get here.

Omega beyond the rift- A Dream in Flight FF14:

Bring your inner adventure while playing FF14 games. Omega, recapturing the lovable Chocobo Alpha and extending the storyline with the attacks in Stormblood, is returning in patch 6.15. First, of course, you’ll have to finish the Omega raids up to and including the quest “A Dream in Flight,” as well as the Endwalker main scenario.

If you’ve accomplished those missions and are level 90, go to Old Sharlayan and speak with the “Bespectacled Technician” at coordinate (X:10.9 Y:14.3). You should expect this questline to continue in future patches as well.

Highlights of more updates:

Apart from A Dream in Flight Ffxiv, some more updates are:

New quests:

  • Tartarus Grand Endeavor,
  • New Hildibrtand quests
  • Arkasodara tribal quest
  • Custom delivery quests
  • Game plus quests

More items in the update:

  • Orchestrion rolls
  • New locations
  • Housing indoor and outdoor luxury items
  • New minion
  • High-end gear
  • New recipes
  • New capabilities added

What is Final Fantasy XIV?

Final fantasy is a multiplayer RPG game developed by Square Enix available to play on PS5 and PS4. The player can choose their style and team up to begin playing. Here, players have the opportunity to choose from A realm reborn, Heavenward, Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker, and become a warrior of light. A new update yesterday brings a query on A Dream in Flight Ffxiv.

After Final Fantasy XI, it was the second game in the series, and it was the original version of the fourteenth entry in the main Final Fantasy series. Again, players can customize their avatar as they explore Eorzea, where they are caught in an attack by the Garlean Empire and a threat from the Primals and Beastmen tribes.


A new patch always means new updates with additional features. Despite the smaller patch, FFXIV adds many additional surprises for the players. If you want to play FFXIV, click on the link here. 

Do you know how to launch A Dream in Flight Ffxiv? If yes, tell our readers too in the comment section below.

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