77 North Accident {May} Read The Shocking News Here!

The guide here shares details about the 77 North Accident to update readers about the mishap. 

Are you aware of the fiery crash on I-77 North on Thursday morning? Thursday morning came with bad news of a road mishap between a dump truck and an ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) vehicle. 

The dump truck heading towards I-77 North hit the ODOT vehicle on the northbound lanes at 7 AM. After the collision, an explosion occurred, and the highway technician incurred serious injuries. People in the United States were worried about the 77 North Accident.     

Ground Reports on the Accident!

Several lanes on I-77 Summit County were blocked on Thursday morning after a collision between two vehicles around 7 AM. The collision was between the ODOT vehicle and the northbound dump truck, followed by an explosion and crash. 

The ground report of the local Sherriff is that the dump truck heading north hit the ODOT vehicle on the side around 7 AM. A couple of miles away from Akron Canton Airport in Green, United States, the accident took place.    

Both vehicles caught fire after the crash, resulting in an explosion. The rescue team reached the spot, rescued the drivers, and transferred them to the hospital. 

How did the 77 North Accident occur?

First responders and deputies at the accident spot said that both the drivers were rescued by the team and taken to the hospital for further treatment. The dump truck driver incurred serious injuries, but they were not life-threatening. Other highway technicians and workers were also injured, as per ODOT District 4 Deputy Director Gery Noirot. 

As per CCTV footage, the dump truck driver was seen veering off the road, and it directly hit the ODOT truck; the driver was not seen trying to steer out of the vehicle to avoid the 77 North Accident. An ODOT worker was picking up equipment when he stopped on the roadside to see his truck colliding with a dump truck heading north.  

An investigation is going on to find out what happened that morning. However, an eyewitness said that drivers are now focused more on other things than the roadways. 

Is There Any Causality in the Accident?

As per the first reports from Sherriff, no causality has been reported after the collision. The ODOT officers said it was a miracle to see their employee surviving the crash and collision on Thursday morning. 

Many people incurred serious injuries in the 77 North Accident. Both drivers incurred serious injuries, and they were rushed to the hospital. The highway workers also suffered from injuries and were taken to hospital. However, no causalities have been reported by the sheriff present at the accident site. Read the details carefully to understand better.


A road accident occurred on Thursday morning around 7 AM that blocked several lanes, creating chaos on the highway. Fortunately, no causalities have been reported in the road mishap. However, ODOT workers and drivers incurred serious injuries in the 77 North Accident. An investigation is going on to find out what happened on Thursday morning, resulting in a road accident. 

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