7433 Canyon Dr Yucca Valley {May 2022} Fetch Details!


Want to know about the 7433 Canyon Dr Yucca Valley and why it is so popular? Read ahead and get the details on it.

Are you aware of the valley and the popular news regarding it? Well, you can know about it through the information that is provided below. There is a property reportedly on sale in the Yucca Valley, and the people of the United States are very excited about it. We even see that the 7433 Canyon Dr Yucca Valley has a 2457 square ft approximately 6-acre lot and is built-in 2015.

Let us explore more details about the news in below sections.

What is the news about?

The news is regarding the users who are willing to get their hands on the once-in-a-lifetime property around 6 acres. It helps the users enjoy the mountains, rocks, and desert views. The bridge is engineered with 110 inches, and it is seen that it leads to the mountainside. Also, the house is beautifully accustomed, and it even includes the iron front doors and a spacious kitchen which one would love to flaunt.

7433 Canyon Dr Yucca Valley CA 92284 helps in knowing that the area and the property consist of 3 beautifully accustomed bedrooms, and one should not miss a chance to get it. Also, the kitchen consists of the 48 inches double grid stove and, along with that, the blower hood too. The house is built with 2+6 construction, and the walls are also built with a strong base. The base comprises 5/8 inches of drywall, the split system, and even the wireless control system that is plugged.

To know more about the property and what one can see here, one needs to go through the mentioned points below.

Important points on 7433 Canyon Dr Yucca Valley CA 92284:

  • The estimated range of the house is around $903,000- $1.12 million.
  • For the last 30-day change, it charges +$31,400.
  • If someone wants to rent it out, the rent would be $2,429.
  • The house is well constructed and maintained, and we even see that the kitchen is very spacious along with the dishwasher and the under cabinet.
  • Also, the area it covers is 1200 square feet, and it includes the garage roof as well.
  • There is a main bathroom and includes a walk-in closet and temperature valves.

Views of people on 7433 Canyon Dr Yucca Valley:

Going through the internet and its information, we find that the building and the property for sale are located in the Yucca Valley.

The property is amazing, and one should not kiss a chance to own it. Many websites feature this home on their pages to depict the features and the benefits that one can enjoy here.

The bottom line:

Thus, it is seen that the property in the Yucca valley is for sale, and one should surely get their hands on it if they are looking for something of this sort.

7433 Canyon Dr Yucca Valley is developed keeping in view all the needs one would have. So, do get a custom home visit and see if it suits your needs.

Are you looking for a property? Do let us know in the comments.

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