5 Letter Words Without Vowels {April} Explore Full List!

This article describes a trending wordle puzzle and its solutions for words with five letters, excluding vowels. Read on 5 Letter Words Without Vowels.

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Word game enthusiasts Worldwide found multiple answers that satisfy the Wordle article’s conditions, yet most online word gamers are eager to know about finding all existing and meaningful answers possible.

Keep reading till the end without skipping to learn more reasonable solutions that qualify for the correct answers for the “5 Letter Words Without Vowels“.

Five Letter Words Answers

The Wordle gamer needs to submit the answers before running out of their eight attempts. The five-letter word should be meaningful, and vowels are to be avoided. Then, the gamer needs to place the words into the wordle box to solve the puzzle with fewer attempts.

 The most guessed and correct answers for the puzzle challenge put forward by Wordle include words such as nymph, gypsy, psych, lynch, crypt, and myrrh. In addition to that, lots of other five-letter words satisfy the Wordle puzzle conditions and will be discussed further on Five Letter Words Without Vowels.

Steps To Play The Wordle Puzzle

  • Visit the Wordle website.
  • At first, try with a relevant word with five letters and no vowels. Avoid meaningless words to reduce the possibility of eliminating the attempts.
  • The Wordle hints to the gamers once the first word is submitted.
  • Enter the following word according to the hint provided by Wordle.
  • Put maximum effort and research to avoid the appearance of grey boxes and focus on solving yellow and red boxes.
  • Ensure to solve the puzzle by utilizing the opportunity of hints before the available eight attempts.

5 Letter Words Without Vowels  

The Wordle five-letter words, except for vowels with meanings, are mentioned below:

  • Myrrh: A gum resin added to produce incense.
  • Nymph: A popular mythology-based deity used to represent a beautiful maiden.
  • Pygmy: An undersized plant, animal, or person.
  • Crwth: A Celtic instrument used during the ancient period.
  • Phpht: Indication of mild annoyance.
  • Gypsy: A free-spirited or nomadic person.
  • Psych: Often used as mental preparation for an occasion or task.

More Words And Meanings

  • Crypt: An underground vault or room build under a church to bury bodies. Let’s know more about 5 Letter Words Without Vowels.
  • Lynch: A mob action that involves a murder of a person, especially by hanging the person.
  • Wryly: An expression of humor or mocking funnily.
  • Shyly: A nervous mannerism.
  • Glyph: A relief carving or a sculptured figure.
  • Tryst: A romantic meeting conducted between two lovers secretly.
  • Stymy: To block, hinder, obstruct that involves prevention of progress.


Challenging puzzles always provide an adrenalin rush to the word game enthusiasts, and the puzzle’s difficulty level takes the excitement to another level. To know more words, kindly visit this link.

How many answers have you found for 5 Letter Words Without Vowels? Please mention your valuable findings on the Wordle as mentioned above puzzle.

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