5 Letter Words That Start Words With RO {April} Get List

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This news is a piece of complete information regarding the tweet about the new update on 5 Letter Words That Start Words With RO.

Are you looking for the new letters that have been introduced in the online application of Wordle? Do you want to know how to play the game’s RO puzzle? If yes, below for more information.

Players from Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom are waiting for the new version of RO words winning puzzle lists in the recent puzzle of April month. Many words from the dictionary have been introduced to the new list on the official website.

Let us read more about the 15 letters, 5 Letter Words That Start Words With RO.

5 letter words include

  • roque
  • rocky
  • rocks
  • Romps
  • rooky
  • roupy
  • rowdy
  • roach
  • Roche 

6 letter words include

  • rozzers
  • Rowback
  • Rockabye
  • ronquil
  • rockcod
  • roebuck

10 letter words include

  • routinizing
  • Roadblocked
  • roughhewing
  • rollickings
  • rollicking
  • ropemanship
  • roquelaures
  • rope dancing

12 letter words include

  • roughnecking
  • roadblocking
  • rockhounding
  • rockumentary

13 letter words include

  • rockumentary
  • Routinizations

15 letter words include

  • Romanticization
  • Roentgenography
  • romanticization
  • roundheadedness
  • roentgenology

How to solve

The game can easily be solved with the help of analyzing and keeping the rules and tricks in mind to find 5 Letter Words That Start RO. Wordle, after April Edition, has unlocked certain features that can benefit users to improve within Seconds. Some of the tricks are as follows:-

  • Users can access the puzzle with the official website after selecting limited sessions, and one can choose the specific criteria for solving.
  • With the help of hints, one can answer in the second attempt or first attempt.
  • It is easy for the user to find the clues and the extra page of the words. 
  • Also, within 6 attempts, the players need to solve the puzzle.

Why are 5 Letter Words That Start RO Trending?

Wordle stranger due to the user continuously facing the challenges of persons and the new version of vocabulary. While improving the regulations on the format of deposits, more than 40 million users have adopted the new version this year, so it got trending.

5 Letter Words in Wordle

Different letter words have adopted the new space in the regular puzzle and challenges. After the April 2022 update, there were new ideas brought up by the New York Times as a weekly update criterion. 

Since March 2020, the new events have also unlocked new features and specifications of the new dictionary for 5 Letter Words starting with RO. The official website lists the new words in this series.

List of 5 Letter Words That Start Words With RO in different categories

The new category was introduced in the recent version of Wordle. The Apple version includes other words that have RO in the starting. Some of the lists from the website are given above in the article. 


In conclusion, this news specifies the new collection of words listed on the official website of Wordle. However, it did have segmentation and classification of different words. It is usually quick to solve regularly and compete with 24-hour challenges.  

Who was this news enough about 5 Letter Words That Start Words With RO? Go into your opinion on the last answer of Wordle.

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