5 Letter Words Starting With Pro {Jan} Find Answers!

This article describes a popular type of word game that challenges a person’s language skills and spelling knowledge. Read on 5 Letter Words Starting With Pro.

Are you someone interested in word games? If yes, you might find this article interesting as this article describes a popular word game discussed on major social media platforms.

People from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and India are interested in playing word search games with their social media friends and other unknown online opponents as educational entertainment. The games are played by children and growing people irrespective of their ages. Know more about the  5 Letter Words Starting With Pro.

About Word Game

Word games, also known as word search games or word game puzzles, come with various interesting questions and puzzles filled with knowledge and fun. These games are used at kindergarten to teach children basic words by adding a fun element. Multiple word games are available on Android and iOS devices.

Word games gained massive popularity during the lockdown associated with the pandemic as the children and their parents shifted to online studies that promote entertainment with education. The main motive of word games/puzzles is to make the person think and be curious.

5 Letter Words Starting With Pro  

  • The major five-letter words that start with Pro and their meanings are mentioned below;
  • Proas: It is the plural for proa.
  • Probs: Means difficult.
  • Prodd: Represents a crossbow.
  • Proem: Stands for preface.
  • Progs: Used for television or radio transmission.
  • Proke: It means to poke.
  • Proll: Means to rob.
  • Promo: Denotes a preview.
  • Prone: Represent liable.
  • Pronk: Means leaping using four legs at once.
  • Proof: Means evidence.
  • Prore: Represents the prow.

More 5 Letter Words starts with Pro

  • Proso: It is a type of grass that can be used as a crop. Read about the  5 Letter Words Starting With Pro.
  • Prost: Represent a common type of toast used during drinking activities among friends.
  • Proto: Means last.
  • Proul: Represent prowl’s obsolete form.
  • Provo: Stands for the Provisional IRA member.
  • Prows: This means the projection in front of objects like vehicles, cars, aircraft, etc.
  • Probe: A detailed and specific investigation on serious matters like theft, crime, murder, etc.
  • Prods: The act of poking using pointed, sharp objects, feet or fingers.
  • Profs: Profs stands for the plural word that represents someone who engages in the act of teaching. E.g., teachers, professors of universities and colleges. Learn about all the 5 Letter Words Starting With Pro.
  • Prole: The word is used to represent a proletariat member.
  • Prong: Represents a part that is projecting, thin or pointed.
  • Prose: Stands for literary artwork.
  • Proud: the word is used to represent someone with high self-respect. 
  • Prove: This word means to establish the truth.
  • Prowl: Means to move stealthily and restlessly to find prey.


Word games are entertaining and highly informative and help develop major vocabulary and spelling skills. Regular involvement with these games can help to develop knowledge. To know more about this topic, please visit 

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