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Words that end with OWN

  • adown: not comparable or archaic, specifically meaning Down or downward in a lower place.
  • blown: implying a category of glassware made by striking aura through the melted glass.

It also means lines(of an electric circuit or fuse) burned as a consequence of power overloading.

  • Brown: Brown is a pigment, and it can be deemed a blended color but it is primarily a darker tint of orange.CMYK color model used in painting or printing, Brown is usually formulated by blending the pigments black and orange.

5 Letter Words End in Own

  • clown: it is a comic performer, usually one seen in a circus and wearing a popular uniform and extravagant make-up.

An innocent country person or rustic.

To behave in a humorous or joyful way

  • coown: To own together with another individual or association
  • Crown: the crown is the formal symbolic perspective of the head outfit worn by a ruler or by a divinity, for whom the title traditionally characterizes power, legality, success, victory, privilege, and recognition, as well as everlastingness, decency, and revival.
  • drown: die through venture in and underwater.

5 letter words along with their meanings

Here are more 5 Letter Words End in Own,

  • frown: crease one’s eyebrows in a mood indicating objection, disapproval, or attention.

It is a facial attitude indicating complaint, dissatisfaction, or pursuit, distinguished by a furrowing of brows.

  • flown: (of an insect, bat, or bird) motion through the atmosphere using its wings. To be tossed promptly in the air.
  • grown: mature women and men. It is also assumed to be covered or encircled with greenery and well accumulated with plants. 
  • known: something or someone that is perceived by or common to all cultures or a special group of species.

5 Letter Words End in Own

  • shown: to effect or entitle to be recognized; spectacle; collection. to illustrate or conduct as social leisure or spectacle: to demonstrate a film. To suggest; question out: to exhibit the way.
  • town: bundle or stock (an object) neatly in a specific place
  • unown- A Pokémon lineage in Game Freak’s and Nintendo Pokemon franchise. It has been created by Ken Sugimori.

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