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Gaming Tips 5 Letter Word Starting With Cre

This article has been furnished with all the specific details regarding 5 Letter Word Starting With Cre and their meanings.

Do you play Wordle and Scramble often? Do you have a hard time finding new words in them? Then we have got you covered. People of the United States, New Zealand, and India love to explore new words and add them to their daily usage.

This article has been furnished with all the possible words with Cre and their meanings. We have gathered them through various sources to provide you with complete handy notes on new words. Keep reading the entire article below and learn a new list of 5 Letter Word Starting With Cre!

All the words of 5 letters that start with CRE

  • Creak – a harsh squeaking sound (of an item or pattern, normally a wooden one) makes an intense, high-pitched noise when being shifted or when tension or weight is involved.
  • Credo- a proclamation of the principles or endeavors that lead someone’s prosecutions.
  • Creed- faith or a system built upon religious beliefs 
  • Creek- can be referred to as a biological torrent of water normally fresher than and frequently tributary to a stream.
  • Creel- a huge creeper basket for carrying fish or a frame gripping bobbins/spools when whirling.

5 Letter Word Starting With Cre

  • Creep- to move slowly without making any noise to avoid being noticed or heard.
  • Creates- a component of an indigenous species living in an enormous area of middle Canada or the Algonquian diction of the creed, nearly similar to Montagnais consisting of about 60,000 orators.
  • Crema- a brownish froth that sits on the top of freshly prepared espresso coffee.
  • Creme- a product or a substance with a creamy and thick consistency.
  • Creams – the yellowish-white part of the milk containing butterfat.
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  • Crane- a huge, long machine borrowed for shifting heavy items by adjourning them from a projecting extension or shaft
  • Creon- Creon is a sculpture in Greek legend best remembered as the leader of Thebes in the myth of Oedipus
  • Crepe- a thin pancake or a thin light material with a wrinkled exterior 
  • Crepy- having a dry creased impression like crepe
  • Cresc- an incremental boost in sound or the melodious orientation or emblem demonstrating it.
  • Crewe- Crewe is a railroad city and social parish in the unitary administration of Cheshire East in England.
  • Last 5 Letter Word Starting With Cre,
  • Crews- staff, personnel, or team.

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Final Verdict

According to our research and studies through various online platforms, this article has been finished with all the CRE words of 5 letters and their meaning. These words come in handy while playing and competing with friends in word games such as scramble and wordle.

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