5 Letter Ending Words in T {March 2022} Get List Here!

This article covers A few more 5 Letter Ending Words in T along with their accurate meanings. This will greatly help to boost your vocabulary.

Words ending with specific letters are valuable for playing in word games like Scrabble and Wordle Worldwide. This article will provide you with a limited collection of words of 5 letters ending with T. 

It will give you an ordered list of words starting with the letters A, B, C, and D along with their meaning to boost your vocabulary. To know more about 5 Letter Ending Words in T, read the entire article below. 

Words of 5 letters beginning with A and ending with T

  • Aalst – city in Belgium 
  • Abbot – a man who is the head of an abbey of monks
  • Abort – call off, terminate, or end
  • Admit – confess to being true
  • Allot – to assign as a share or portion
  • Amaut – a village, in Uttar Pradesh state of India, in pindra tehsil.

Words Starting With B

  • Beast – an animal, especially dangerous and large four-footed one
  • Befit – to be appropriate for; suit
  • Benet – to trap (something) in a net

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  • Beset – be covered or studded with
  • Bewet – to wet or moisten profusely 
  • Bight – a curve or recess in a coastline, river, or other geographical feature.
  • Burnt – produce flames (of fire) and heat while consuming a material such as coal or wood.
  • Burst – break open or apart immediately and violently, especially as a result of an impact

Words starting with C

  • Caret – a mark placed below the line to imply it as a proposed insertion in a text.
  • Chaft – the jaw.

A few more 5 Letter Ends Words in T,

  • Chirt – an act of pressing or squashing that expresses liquid
  • Chout – an amount obtained by blackmail equal to a quarter
  • Clapt – simple past tense of clap
  • Clart – sticky mud; filth
  • Coact – to act or work together
  • Compt – to count or compute
  • Coset – a set made up of all the products obtained by multiplying each component of a subgroup in turn by one particular element of the group containing the subgroup.
  • Crept – to move carefully and slowly to avoid being heard of noticed

5 Letter Ending Words in T and starting with D

  • Daunt – to make someone feel intimidated or apprehensive.
  • Dealt – distribute in an orderly rotation to players for a game
  • Degut – to remove the entrails of; disembowel; gut
  • Divot – a smalthatce of grass and earth which is dug out accidentally.


According to our research and readers’ review, we have come across the importance of knowing certain words. These words help widely in games like Wordle and Scrabble. They are getting fame over the Internet because of their uniqueness. Followed by a few more 5 Letter Ending Words in T.

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