3 Music Genres You Should Play While Doing Everyday Activities

3 Music Genres You Should Play: Since the pandemic started, everyone has been forced to stay in their homes and transition to a new lifestyle. People are constantly looking for new things to do at home. This includes home exercises, family-friendly activities, and establishing good work from the home area. Engaging in these activities can get boring in the long run, especially with most people living in their apartments. Fortunately, an easy way to get rid of boredom is by playing music. Some tunes can give mental energy and eradicate stress, especially when you play upbeat music genres. 

Music has been around for centuries now, and it has expanded to different genres to cater to everyone’s personal preferences. This article will mention a couple of excellent music genres you can play in the middle of a busy day. Make sure to bring out your best phones for music, earphones, or speakers, and blast some fantastic music. 

1 – Dance to the Upbeat Tones of Pop Music 

The pop music genre rose to fame in the early 2000s. This music genre originated in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1950s, where different instruments are used to produce music, whether in a studio or live playing. Various musicians and artists wanted to combine classical, rock, contemporary, and country blue to form a new music genre; hence pop was born. Nowadays, pop music is the genre of rising artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce, and more. This genre has built its household name in the music industry, which is why it branched out to different sub-genres. 

You can turn on some pop music during your workout sessions. When doing some cleaning, or even when preparing meals for your family. If you go out for essential purposes, you can also blast these hits in your car. 

  • Pop Punk Music

The pop-punk music genre sprouted from rock music with touches of power pop. Many bands who rose to fame in the 1960s showcased pop-punk music, especially when beach parties were widespread. Music groups like the Beatles and the Beach Boys combine the new wave and rock music to form pop-punk or skate punk. 

The early 2000s also went booming with pop-punk music, especially with bands like Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and Simple plan. This is also where many people go through the “emo” phase. 

  • Adult Contemporary Pop Music

Parents and grandparents listen to adult contemporary pop music because it is constantly being played on radios and in live performances in bars. This pop music genre is ballad-heavy and usually accompanied by the saxophone, clarinet, or piano. Barry Manilow is one of the booming adult contemporary singers because of his best-selling hits during the 70s. 

2 – Feel the Rhythms of Different Instruments With Jazz Music

Jazz music will always be the vibe, especially its groovy and upbeat nature. Jazz music is one of the older genres dating back to the great gatsby era. This music genre sprouted from the African-American culture in some parts of the United States. Since its debut in the 1920s, it rose to a significant musical form. Jazz music is also a complex music genre because of blues, complicated musical chords, vocals, and rhythm. Although jazz is an old music genre, it is loved by many people today. Turning on some jazz music at home is perfect when you want to relax after a long day’s work. 

  • Cool Jazz Music 

The world war has for sure made a change to a lot of things, even in music. Cool jazz is a subgenre that rose after world war II. It has a more laid-back and lighter tone than upbeat jazz music. Famous musicians like Chet Baker leaned more towards playing cool jazz, which allowed him to stand out. Most jazz musicians prefer this genre because anyone can learn it at a steady pace, and it indeed brings a soothing vibe to the listeners. 

  • Free Jazz Music 

After the glory days of Jazz music in the 20s, the free jazz subgenre rose in the 50s. Most musicians found Jazz music strict and limited to exploring new aspects. So they tried to combine bebop and modal jazz to create something fresh and new. Playing free Jazz music is mostly about experimenting with different tones, rhythms, and chords to make bizarre or avant-garde music.

3 – Do a Head Banging Session With Some Rock Music

You have rested for the whole day and want to let loose. Then the rock music genre is perfect for you. Because of jazz music, rock music developed. This music genre is also instrument-heavy, accompanied by an electric guitar, drums, bass guitar, and high-energy vocals. During the 50s to the 80s, many rock bands rose to fame. Some include Guns N Roses, ACDC, Queen, and a lot more. Jamming to rock music requires high energy, so if you are lazy and want to have high energy, you can listen to some pumping rock music. 

  • Indie Rock Music 

Independent or indie music is one of the free music genres. Musicians starting their careers are considered indie artists, which can be an advantage because artists have creative freedom over their music. Rock music is no stranger to indie music because rock musicians are inspired by alternative rock music, punk, post-punk, and even country music. This subgenre has its unique tones, which is why it also has its fanbase. 


Music will always be part of our lives, and each person has their music preference. Listening to music has a lot of mental health benefits, even listening to sad songs is healthy. Music allows everyone to express unexplained emotions, and we all need this, especially during these pandemic times and being stuck at home every day. 

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