2ss Gpo {Sep 2021} Exciting Game Update Information!

If you want to know about 2ss Gpo, then this article will help you with the detail, where to find it and how to get it.

Are you interested in Roblox games? Do you like doing adventures at the seaside? If so, then you must be interested in the maritime games? Isn’t it? Have you heard of Grand Piece Online?

If you are searching for 2ss location and other details, then we are here, don’t worry! Players across the United States, United Kingdom are going crazy with the latest updates in the game. So, what is in the recent updates? Let us dive in deep to know more on 2ss Gpo.

What is GPO?

Gpo or Grand Piece Online is a seafaring Roblox game based on maritime adventure. Grand Quest Games develop the game where players can discover the hidden islands across the ocean. The gamers can search and collect treasures and exotic fruits to empowering themselves.

Along with it, they can challenge difficult bosses, level up and discover a new location. In addition, players can compete with others or choose to fight by their side.

Recently on September 12, 2021, the developer released the massive update in the game. The update includes new bosses, minibosses, rarest obtainable items, six new islands etc.

2ss Gpo- a brief introduction

Each sword used in this game has its unique abilities and damage level. 2 Sword Style or 2ss is a battling technique that uses two blades to launch attacks. Here, you can carry the second sword with the hand of your choice. In addition, when the weapon Haki is active, Nitoryu or 2ss’ moves change colour to purplish. 

2 Sword Style location in GPO?

Firstly you must have 1ss; therefore, go to Roca Island to collect this fighting style. Second, ensure you unlock all of the skills and that you have maxed up 1ss before moving on to 2ss Gpo. Next, go back to the New World, where you have to head to Alabasta. When you reach the docks of Alabasta, head towards the north. Here, the 2SS trainer is located on the small island on the left side.

How to get 2ss in the Gpo game?

Now, you know the location, so dive to Sashi Island to learn 2ss. You need to prepare 100k Peli to unlock all the skills of 2ss. You will get important items like Mushasi’s katana and the book of Nitoryu. First, Musashi will offer you 100k Peli to fight with you if you speak with him. You finally have 2ss Gpo.

So, every attempt to defeat Musashi, will upskill and provide a “book of Nitoryu” that you can utilize. You can use two katanas to fight, one in the left and the other in the right arm. To unlock the moves of 2ss, you got to defeat Musashi multiple times (Max 5).

After you defeat Musashi, keep in mind that he will keep becoming powerful. Also, after you’ve finished out 2ss, you can no longer battle him for drops. In short, you just have five attempts to obtain the boss drop. So, repeat the process till you unlock its last move.


Now you know the abilities of 2ss GpoTherefore, ensure you obtain all 1ss before you have 2ss. Also, ensure you have 100k Peli before you start fighting with Musashi. In addition, the moves are 72-pound phoenix, raging whirl, tower climb, Nittoryu strike, and Rashomon draw, which help slash the opponent in two directions simultaneously. So, we hope you like this naval adventure game and get all the skills to level up.

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