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In this article, we will read in detail about the very famous and iconic 281 Park Avenue New York building.

There are various historical buildings Worldwide situated in countries like Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. But there are few of them which are of higher importance and are regarded as the best buildings or structures of the past. These buildings are also a great tourist point for visitors from all around the world. 

281 Park Avenue New York is one such famous building of America built in ancient times and holds great importance. So in this article, to give you more in-depth and detailed knowledge about this old building, we will be sharing all the essential things you need to know about this very building. Keep reading the article to learn more about it. 

What Is 281 Park Avenue NY building? 

281 park avenue building is also known as the church missions house. It is an ancient and historical building of America located at the street of East 22nd at the park avenue south in the park of Gramercy neighborhood in the Manhattan NY city. 

The building of 281 Park Avenue New York or the church missions house is a six-story iconic building that is 45,000 square feet; this building is considered a landmark building of New York. This building was designed by Edward J. Neville Stent and Robert W. Gibson with a medieval-inspired façade and a steel structure. The design of this iconic building was inspired by the towns of medieval Amsterdam and Haarlem. And this building is also known as the church mission’s hose, and the reason behind this name is that it once served as the episcopal church’s headquarters. 

281 Park Avenue New York Building information: 

Here we have listed down some additional details related to the church missions house, which will give you a better view of this building. 

Construction- the building was constructed in the year 1894 

Architect- the architects of this building were Robert Gibson and Edward Stent 

Total square foot- the total square foot of this building is 45,000 

Renovation- this building was renovated In the year 2019 by the central buddy/ Williams+roman 

Amenities- it  

currently serves as Fotografiska NY Veronika restaurant. 

Current Status Of the Church missions house:

As of now, the 281 Park Avenue New York building is home to the Fotografiska, which is the most renowned Stockholm-based destination in the world’s best photography category. This concept was built in 2010 by the Jan and Per Broman brothers for the foundation of photography as a haven for inclusivity, free expression, and innovation. Currently, this building also features STARR Restaurant’s latest concept, Veronika. 


In this very article, we have briefly dealt with all the essential and necessary details of the church mission house or the 281 Park Avenue New York, and all the information related to the building. And if you want to know more about historic buildings of America, then you can check out this link.  

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