0x87e50007 Xbox Error Code (Jan 2022) Bugs & Fixes!

This article offers information about the 0x87e50007 Xbox Error Code and mentions some tricks to fix it.

A video goes through multiple quality checks before its release to assure that there’s no issue with it and it will run smoothly and function as programmed. However, often some trouble arises while accessing or playing these newly released games. It can be problematic for users who were looking forward to playing it. 

The same has occurred with the new FIFA game. Users are reporting an 0x87e50007 Xbox Error Code in the game that does not allow them to play the game.

It has become a problem for users in Australia, the United States, Brazil, and some other regions. Keep reading this article to learn more.

Briefing About Xbox

Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles globally, and any professional gamer’s console collection is incomplete without an Xbox. Microsoft is the creator and owner of this video gaming brand. The brand has many subsidiaries and has ventured into many other fields. 

We’ll get to the inconvenient and problematic 0x87e50007 Xbox Error Code shortly. It has its development studio by the name of Xbox Studios, an online service under the name of Xbox Network. They offer five gaming consoles in total, in addition to streaming services and their self-developed or published games. The first Xbox gaming console was launched back in 2001.

What is FIFA 22?

  • It’s the 29th addition to the FIFA video game series by EA.
  • The game had its global release on October 1, 2021.
  • It’s available on all popular gaming consoles, including the Xbox.
  • You can find athlete Kylian Mbappe on the game cover.

The 0x87e50007 Xbox Error Code

  • Users are reporting about this error occurring in the FIFA 22 game.
  • The error is displayed when users try to access the game.
  • Users are reporting that reinstalling the game isn’t working either.
  • Users also report about an update crashing and causing troubles.
  • There’s no official solution to this problem as of yet by EA, but there are some tricks you can try.
  • Some users have resolved this error by installing and reinstalling the game after disconnecting to the internet.
  • Another trick that might resolve the 0x87e50007 Xbox Error Code is clearing your console’s MAC.
  • More development regarding this error is expected to follow from the developers.
  • Read more comments about this error here

The Final Verdict         

Errors are quite common in video games. Even the most popular and successful games run into some trouble occasionally. The same has happened with FIFA 22, the latest addition to EA’s FIFA series. Users are reporting about an error in the game that’s proving to be quite inconvenient. 

We have provided all the relevant details above. Do you play games on Xbox? Did you also encounter this error while accessing FIFA 22? Kindly share your thoughts on our information on the 0x87e50007 Xbox Error Code in the comments. Also, read more about the tips here if you are facing any errors. 

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