K2, K3, K4

  • JV Partner Available for JV
  • Target Potash
  • NI 43-101 Report No report completed to date.
  • Hectares 200,648 Hectares


  • The 100 percent owned K-2 potash project is comprised of 99,964 hectares and is located in the Neuquén Basin in Argentina.
  • The primary down-hole tool used for measuring the presence of potash is a gamma ray log, which detects naturally occurring gamma radiation being emitted by potassium salts (potash). Complimentary information supporting these logs includes well diameter, density, resistivity, induction and neutron logs.
  • Marifil has identified two potash horizons in the same basin as Rio Tinto's Rio Colorado potash mine, the Upper Horizon and Lower Horizon. Recent analyses of gamma ray and electric logs from abandoned oil well drill holes on the property have confirmed the presence of a potash target greater than 200 square kilometres.


Work Completed 

  • Marifil's recent exploration program on K2 has resulted in the discovery of a potash target that potentially exceeds 200 square kilometres.
  • The company has analyzed logs from four existing oil well drill holes on the property - Conin X1, Pillantoqui X1, YFP Quilimalal X-1 and YFP Pasa Hacha X-1 - which show excellent stratigraphic correlations with each other. YFP Quilimalal X-1 and YFP Pasa Hacha X-1 have defined an area 18 kilometers long in a north-south direction and 13 kilometers wide in an east-west direction.

Highlights include:

  • Conin X1 contained 5.8 meters grading 15.22% K2O, including 2.0 meters at 20% K2O, and an additional intersect of 5.4 meters of 11.5% K2O.
  • Pillantoqui X1 contained 10 meters of 11.7% K2O and 1.6 meters of 14% K2O.
  • Quilimalal X-1 contained 7.70 meters grading 14.45% potash (K2O) followed by 1.6 metres grading 15.0% K2O between a depth of 1,280.3 and 1,291.6 metres.
  • Pasa Hacha X-1 contained 3.1 metres grading 11.35% K2O followed by 1.0 meters grading 13% K2O between a depth of 1,494.8 and 1501.1 meters. In July 2008, Marifil announced the completion of an NI 43-101 report on the property (see news release dated July 22, 2008).